Who Is Sailor Pluto In Love With?


Romances with the Inner Sailor Guardians

Naoko claims she was thinking of the past lives of these characters, which implies a possible love affair between the four inner Sailor Senshi and Shitennou in the past. However, only Kunzite’s relationship with Sailor Venus and Jadeite’s with Sailor Mars have canonical support.

Who is Sailor Neptune’s love interest?

Michiru Kaioh is the civilian identity of Sailor Neptune and the present day reincarnation of Princess Neptune. She is also the love interest of Haruka Tenoh.

Why did Sailor Pluto die?

After the battle, Sailor Pluto joins Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus to search for the Messiah. She later disappeared when using her forbidden time-stopping abilities to save Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune from the helicopter explosion; doing so had ended her life mission as Guardian of Time and Space.

Is Sailor Uranus a girl or boy?

Last week, an episode of Sailor Moon Crystal marked a turning point for the series, as they revealed that Sailor Uranus is not actually a female, but is “Transgender” in the way that she was born with both male and female genitalia, but she can switch between the two genders at will.

Why is Sailor Galaxia evil?

Sailor Galaxia is one of the most powerful enemies the Sailor Senshi ever faced. She can only be topped by Chaos, and their stories are very much one. In the anime, Galaxia was once a powerful Senshi. During an intense battle against Chaos, Galaxia sacrificed herself in order to stop the entity.

Why does Sailor Uranus kiss Sailor Moon?

The third episode ends with Sailor Uranus kissing Sailor Moon after warning her to not get in her way and to stay out of danger. This kiss is something that confuses and distresses her, much like real sexual assault would, because… it’s sexual assault.

Who does Sailor Jupiter end up with?

9 She Gets Engaged To Motoki Furuhata.

Who does Rei Hino end up with?

Yet early on in the anime, she was boy-crazy. However, she then pairs up with Sailor Moon’s one true love. It was quite a controversial writing decision. While doomed from the start, Rei and Mamoru lasted long enough to get a lot of hate from die-hard manga fans.

Is Seiya in love with Usagi?

Seiya quickly falls for Usagi. She does develop feelings for Seiya, and though they’re never an item, their interactions are so romantic it’s heartwrenching at times. Seiya treats Usagi with such reverence and love; he’s the perfect S.O.

Who is Sailor Venus boyfriend?

Before she moved to Japan and began to fight with the Sailor Senshi as Sailor Venus, Minako originally lived in London to fight the Dark Kingdom as Sailor V. There, she fell in love with another man named Alan.

How old is Sailor Moon’s boyfriend?

He’s handsome, smart, and his alter ego, Tuxedo Mask, is always there when Sailor Moon needs him. Though he’s a generally likable character, the age difference between Mamoru and Usagi is enough to raise a few eyebrows. In the manga, Mamoru is introduced as being 16. For some reason, the anime ages him up to 18.

Why is chibiusa the worst?

There are quite a few reasons Chibiusa is disliked. She’s bratty, precocious, and spends most of her early episodes torturing Usagi… her own mother (let’s just say time-travel is involved). … Chibiusa does have her fans, but it’s rumored that even the animators hated her.

How old is Sailor Mars?

8 Sailor Mars- 14/ 5′ 3″/ April 17th


Sailor Mars is 5’3, and like the other core scouts she starts out at 14 and reaches 16 by the Stars arc. She was born on April 17, which makes her an Aries, a well-known fire sign in the zodiac to match her powers.

Who dies in Sailor Moon?

Season 3

  • Eudial – Destroyed by Sailor Moon with Moon Spiral Heart Attack. …
  • Mimete – Destroyed by Sailor Uranus with World Shaking. …
  • Viluy – Destroyed by Sailor Uranus with Space Sword Blaster. …
  • Tellu – Destroyed by Sailor Pluto with Dead Scream. …
  • Cyprine – Destroyed by Sailor Moon with Rainbow Moon Heartache.

Why is Sailor Jupiter symbol a 4?

The symbol for Saturn (♄) resembles the letters “H” and “T” combined, which so happen to be the initials for Hotaru Tomoe. Another example is the symbol for Jupiter (♃) resembles the number “4.” The importance of this is Sailor Jupiter was the fourth Sailor Guardian to join the group.

Why did Mamoru break up with Usagi?

Usagi sees him as she walks home from school and runs up to give him a hug, but he pushes her away. He gets annoyed and tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore and their relationship is over. … Mamoru tells her again he doesn’t love her and wants to end their relationship.

Does Sailor Mercury have a love interest?

At one point, when Ami (as Sailor Mercury) was losing a battle against a monster, Taiki actually left instead of helping her. They interacted quite a lot during the season, but there was no romance, even implied, between them.

Do Usagi and Mamoru sleep together?

10 They Sleep In The Same Bed

Usagi and Mamoru are teenagers, and in the anime, the focus is really on the magical girl aspect of the series, making it more appropriate for children. But in the manga, they’re in a romantic relationship, and that relationship is pretty intense.

Who is the strongest sailor soldier?

Sailor Galaxia is the most powerful sailor Guardian there has ever been and is the ruler of Shadow Galatica. She is the last enemy of the entire Sailor Moon series.

Why does Chibi Chibi look like Usagi?

Though initially appearing in the form of a small girl, Chibi Chibi is actually Sailor Cosmos from the far future. She used the disguise of a small girl, most likely because she intended to keep her identity secret in order to carry out a mission to influence her past self, Usagi Tsukino.

Who is the main villain in Sailor Moon?

Queen Beryl is the main antagonist of the first arc of the Sailor Moon series. She is the Queen of the Dark Kingdom and a servant to the entity known as Queen Metalia. She is also Sailor Moon’s arch-nemesis.

What happened Sailor Galaxia?

Sailor Moon rescues her from falling over the cliff into the cauldron, and Galaxia finally realizes that she has always really wanted love, not power. By accepting Usagi’s offer of friendship, the bracelets which supplied Galaxia with life and power shatter, and she dies peacefully.

Is Tuxedo mask a bad guy?

As much as Tuxedo Mask can be a charming and heroic individual, many fans agree that he’s way more captivating to watch when he’s a bad guy. Because no matter how many times it occurs within the series, Mamoru’s fighting skills (and intellect) always seem to be superior in his evil form.

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