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Polyamine metabolism has been linked to protein synthesis through the unique posttranslational modification of the universal translation factor EIF5A. EIF5A is an essential gene that encodes a protein that is approximately 17 kDa in size and is conserved among eukaryotes and archaebacteria . What is the function of polyamine? FunctionsRead More →

Noncommissioned officer (NCO), also spelled non-commissioned officer, military officer appointed by a commissioned officer, generally to supervise enlisted soldiers and aid the commissioned officer corps. Is NCO a word? NCO is an abbreviation for ‘non-commissioned officer. ‘ What is a non-commissioned officer called? The NCOs are called specialists, and rankRead More →

Coeval in a Sentence ? Once Jenny and I realized our parties were coeval, I decided to host my event on another day. As soon as I get on campus, I plan on requesting a schedule change because two of my classes are coeval. Is Coevally a word? co·e·val. adj.Read More →

An over socialised dog has never learnt impulse control, it believes that all the fun and excitement comes from other people and dogs. The most common phrase used when these dogs are rushing over despite the calls of the owner is “it’s OK he is friendly, he just loves everyone”.Read More →

bring something to the fore. to move something forward; to make something more prominent or noticeable. All the talk about costs brought the question of budgets to the fore. The question of budget planning was brought to the fore. How do you use fore? For, four and fore For isRead More →

“It’ll make it so much easier to braid and feed hair in as you work your way down if there are no tangles,” says de Leon. … The key point to remember with Dutch braids is to weave each piece under rather than over (basically the opposite of a FrenchRead More →

As verbs the difference between whack and thwack is that whack is to hit, slap or strike while thwack is to whack or hit with a flat implement. What is thwack hero? Upon using Thwack, Hero will make a large circular area appear in front of him after a shortRead More →

Pull on your tongue. Gargle with water. How do you get rid of hiccups in 5 seconds? Things to eat or drink Drink ice water. … Drink from the opposite side of the glass. … Slowly drink a glass of warm water without stopping to breathe. Drink water through aRead More →

Red-necked Grebes are boldly plumaged waterbirds with pale cheeks and a daggerlike yellow bill that contrasts with a sharp black crown often likened to a toreador’s cap (sometimes raised into a short crest). In breeding plumage, the neck is a rich brick red. Where are red necked grebe from? ARead More →

Cross pollination can cause problems for gardeners who wish to save the seeds of their vegetables or flowers from year to year. Unintentional cross pollination can “muddy” the traits you want to keep in the vegetable or flower you are growing. What happens when you cross pollinate? Cross pollination isRead More →