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In my experience, depending on the size of the tomato, Romas usually yield between half a cup and a cup. I would buy 6-8 for some wiggle room. How many tomatoes are in a tin of chopped tomatoes? One 14-1/2-ounce can of tomatoes equals 5 to 6 whole tomatoes, peeledRead More →

Anne Boleyn is the most famous of Henry VIII’s six wives, executed by a French swordsman on 19 May 1536 after being arrested for adultery and incest. But did you know that she nearly died of the sweating sickness, and was the second cousin of Jane Seymour, who became theRead More →

Capable of being rearranged. What is the meaning for changable? : capable of change: such as. a : able or apt to vary changeable weather. b : subject to change : alterable changeable plans. c : fickle a person changeable in his moods. What’s the meaning of rearrangement? 1 :Read More →

The border between Norway and Russia (Norwegian: Russergrensen / Russergrensa, Russian: Российско-норвежская граница, Rossiysko-Norvezhskaya Granitsa) consists of a 195.7-kilometer (121.6 mi) land border between Sør-Varanger, Norway, and Pechengsky District, Russia, and a 23.2-kilometer (14.4 mi) marine border in the … What countries and oceans border Norway? It borders the NorthRead More →

In Marvel Team-Up #82, Spider-Man had a very brief flirtation with Black Widow due to the fact that she completely forgot she was Black Widow and instead believed herself to be a school teacher named Nancy Rushman. Yes! It is Marvel and it is the ’70s. Who was Black WidowRead More →

While no Latina has won the Academy Award for Best Actress (and only four have been nominated Fernanda Montenegro (1998), Salma Hayek (2002), Catalina Sandino Moreno (2004), and Yalitza Aparicio (2018)), three have nabbed the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress: Puerto Rican Rita Moreno, Cuban American Mercedes Ruehl, … WhatRead More →