Which Colour Is Deviated The Least?


when the white light falls on the prism, every colour is refracted by a different angle. and violet deviates the most and red deviates the least.

Which color is least deviated by prism?

Yellow is the colour of white light that is the least deviated by a prism because it has the largest wavelength of the colours given in the alternatives.

Which colour is deviated most and least?

The colour which is deviated the most is Violet. The colour which is deviated the least is Red. Explanation: Violet has a shorter wavelength and deviates the most whereas red deviates the least…

Which colour deviates the most Why?

The refracted sunlight splits (or dispersed) into its constituent colours (i.e. seven colours) Thus, water drop suspended in air behaves as a glass prism. The red colour deviates the least and the violet colour deviates the most. Different colours of refracted sunlight fall on the opposite face of the water drop.

Why is red light deviated the least?

As visible light penetrates a glass prism from the right, it is refracted, and separated into an array of visible colors. … Since violet light has a shorter wavelength, it is slowed more than the longer wavelengths of red light. Consequently, violet light is bent the most while red light is bent the least.

When a white light passes through a prism which colour deviates the least and which colour deviates the most?

The colour of light that deviates least is red and violet deviates the maximum. The difference in deviation is due to the difference in wavelength and speed of each colour of light also due to different bending ability when it passes through the prism.

Which colour of white light suffers least deviation and?

As we see in the spectrum of white light red colour is at top and violet colour is at bottom because red colour deviates least and violet colour deviates more.

Which colour has maximum speed in glass?

So violet color has minimum velocity of light and red color has maximum velocity of light when it passes through the glass. Hence the red color of white light travels fastest in the glass.

Which color scatter the most?

Blue colour light gets scattered most in all directions while after entering the atmosphere of the earth because of the shortest wavelength. Therefore, (C) Blue is the correct answer.

Which colour deviates maximum and why?

The red colour in the spectrum has maximum wavelength due to which it least deviated and the Violet light which has the least wavelength has deviated maximum. Thus, the red colour gets the least deviated and violet colour get maximum deviated.

Which colour has highest refractive index?

The refractive index is maximum for violet colour.

Why is the the sky blue?

When the Sun’s light reaches the Earth’s atmosphere it is scattered, or deflected, by the tiny molecules of gas (mostly nitrogen and oxygen) in the air. … Shorter wavelengths (violet and blue) are scattered the most strongly, so more of the blue light is scattered towards our eyes than the other colours.


Which light is easily scattered?

Light of shorter wavelength (like blue and violet visible light) scattered more easily because the air molecules (oxygen and nitrogen gas molecules) present in the atmosphere are much smaller than the wavelength range of visible light. Thus, it scatters blue light the most.

Which color of light has the shortest wavelength?

Blue or violet light has the shortest wavelength. White light is a combination of all colors in the color spectrum.

Which Colour of white light has the least deviation?

In the spectrum of white light, Red light has the longest wavelength and the least frequency (least deviation), whereas, violet light has the shortest or least wavelength and the highest frequency (maximum deviation), among all the colours in the visible spectrum.

Which Colour of the white light suffers?

The colour violet of white light suffers the maximum refraction on passing through a glass prism as it has the shortest wavelength.

Which Colour suffers maximum deviation in a prism?

Among the given options, the violet color of light has the minimum wavelength. Therefore, the violet color of light undergoes maximum deviation when the light passes through the prism.

What was the color of prism?

Each wavelength of light has a different colour and bends at a different angle. The colours of white light always emerge through a prism in the same order—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

What happen when light is passed from air to glass?

When light travels from air into glass, It bends towards the normal line and the light slows down and changes direction slightly. When light travels from a less dense substance to a denser substance, the refracted light bends more towards the normal line.

Why do we see the seven Colours when white light disperses which colour deviates the least?

White light is composed of light of different wavelengths (colors) i.e. violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow and red. Red has the highest wavelength and violet the lowest. … The color red therefore devaites the least since it has maximum wavelength and colorviolet deviates the most since it has the least wavelength.

What color of the light has the highest energy?

In our case of visible light, the highest frequency color, which is violet, which means it will have the highest energy.

Which light deviates the most and the least why?

That means, Violet has the least wavelength and Red has the greatest wavelength. Now, we know that the deviation of the light is inversely proportional to the wavelength. i.e. the light with least wavelength deviates the most. Therefore, in VIBGYOR, Violet light will deviate the most.

What are the primary colors of light?

See what happens when you mix together the three primary colors of light: red, green and blue.