What U Mean By Titular?


A titular question, to me, would be a question about who held a certain title (king, emperor, prince, president), not a question about the title of a book or article. O.

What do you mean by titular investment?

—n. one who enjoys the bare title of an office, without the actual possession of that office: a person invested with a title in virtue of which he holds a benefice, whether he performs its duties or not. —n. Titular′ity.

What does titular head mean?

A titular ruler, or titular head, is a person in an official position of leadership who possesses few, if any, actual powers. … A titular ruler is not confined to political leadership but can also reference any organization, such as a corporation.

How do you use titular character in a sentence?

Titular sentence example

  1. He always refused any titular distinction; but he was credited by many. …
  2. We may therefore distinguish “true” from ” titular ” prelates. …
  3. His sovereignty was little more than titular . …
  4. As titular emperor, his role was still the same, to beg help from the western powers.

What is titular on a card?

cardholder, the ~ Noun. ‐ A person or company who has the authority to purchase goods and services using a payment card.

What is de jure means?

De facto means a state of affairs that is true in fact, but that is not officially sanctioned. … In contrast, de jure means a state of affairs that is in accordance with law (i.e. that is officially sanctioned).

What is a titular song?

Is it called the “titular track”? A: Although the phrase “titular track” is sometimes used for such a tune, the most common terms are “title song” and “title track.” … The Oxford English Dictionary defines “title song” as “the song or track giving its name to a long-playing record.”

What is a titular game?

The word titular is related to the word title, and is derived from the Latin word titulus, which means title of honor or label. Like its predecessor, Odyssey is a side-scrolling game, but this time, the titular character Alto is snowboarding through a desert. (

What does titular mean in soccer?

It seems that in football it would be “starter” or “member of the starting lineup“.

What is a titular antagonist?

Category Page. Antagonists who are referred to in the very titles of the works in which they appear, whether they are protagonist villains or title antagonists. Some examples are Macbeth, Jaws, Diablo, and Carmen Sandiego.

What is a titular sorceress?

The titular sorceress refers to Perenelle Flamel.

What is an example of de jure?

Legitimate; lawful, as a MATTER OF LAW. For example, a government that has been overthrown and has moved to another state will attain de jure status if other nations refuse to accept the legitimacy of the revolutionary government. …


What is the de jure law?

De jure is the Latin expression for “by law” or “by right” and is used to describe a practice that exists by right or according to law. In contemporary use, the phrase almost always means “as a matter of law.” De jure is often contrasted with de facto.

Where does de jure come from?

Did you know? Coming straight from Latin, de jure is a term used mostly, but not always, in legal writing. Sometimes it’s not enough to have something written into law; if a law isn’t enforced, it might as well not exist.

What card details should you not give out?

Never make your card details shown in public. Never provide your cvv number when asked on the phone or when processing a card payment in person. This is a sure sign of an impending fraud! CVV numbers are for online purchases only!

Do I need to give my card details for a refund?

A bona-fide company never needs your credit card details, certainly not your 3-digit-on-back-of-card #, to issue a refund. On an older charge, they might have to work with their merchant provider. But they should be able to do it within the credit card handling system, and in fact are required to.

What is a de facto member?

adjective, adverb /dɪˈfæk·toʊ, deɪ-/ existing in fact, although not necessarily intended or legal: He has made the candidates for city council de facto school committee members.

What is another word for main character?

main character; protagonist; leading actor; principal person; principal character; hero; principal figure; main actor.

What does Apellative mean?

1 : of or relating to a common noun. 2 : of, relating to, or inclined to the giving of names.

What is it called when the main character is the title of the story?

An eponymous hero or heroine is the character in a play or book whose name is the title of that play or book.

What is the third protagonist called?

In literature, the tritagonist or tertiary main character (from Ancient Greek: τριταγωνιστής, romanized: tritagōnistḗs, lit. ‘third actor’) is the third most important character of a narrative, after the protagonist and deuteragonist.

What is a titular main character?

Heroes who are referred to in the very titles of the works in which they appear as the title characters, whether they are the main characters or not. They can be the titular character for a book, movie, series, or even an episode/chapter.