What Is Another Word For Surprising?

  • amazing,
  • astonishing,
  • astounding,
  • blindsiding,
  • dumbfounding.
  • (also dumfounding),
  • eye-opening,
  • flabbergasting,

What is the word for an unexpected surprise?

abrupt, accidental, astonishing, chance, fortuitous, not bargained for, out of the blue, startling, sudden, surprising, unanticipated, unforeseen, unlooked-for, unpredictable.

What does highly unexpected mean?

adjective. not expected; unforeseen; surprising: an unexpected pleasure;an unexpected development.

What is a bigger word for shocking?

distressing, dreadful, terrible, horrific, disquieting, disgusting, appalling, heinous, ugly, shameful, horrible, awful, disgraceful, ghastly, horrifying, glaring, burning, foul, revolting, sickening.

What is it called when something happens unexpectedly?

unforeseen, unanticipated, unpredicted, not bargained for, unlooked for, unhoped for, out of the blue, without warning, without notice. chance, fortuitous, unplanned, serendipitous, adventitious. sudden, abrupt, surprising, startling, astonishing, uncommon, abnormal, extraordinary.

What is the synonym of happy?

cheerful, contented, overjoyed, ecstatic, elated, joyous, delighted, pleased, pleasant, lively, merry, peaceful, upbeat, joyful, glad, jubilant, thrilled, successful, apt, fortunate.

What is the closest in meaning of happy?

2 experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, or delight.

How do you say someone is happy?

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing:

  1. She’s absolutely delighted.
  2. He’s over the moon.
  3. I’m (dead) chuffed.
  4. He couldn’t be happier.
  5. We’re very pleased.
  6. She’s on cloud nine.
  7. I’m having a whale of a time.
  8. He’s loving every moment of it.

How do you describe a happy person?

Cheerful — This is when someone is visibly happy. … Overjoyed — This simply means “very happy.” Elated — Somewhere between “happy” and “overjoyed.” Glad — “Glad” is similar to “pleased.”

What is another word for unexpectedly?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unexpectedly, like: suddenly, without warning, surprisingly, startlingly, regularly, quickly, out-of-the-blue, like a bolt from the blue, unawares, according to prediction and as anticipated.


What is a word for someone who is unpredictable?

uncertain, fickle, unstable, erratic, unreliable, capricious, chance, chancy, dicey, doubtful, fluky, iffy, incalculable, inconstant, random, touchy, unforeseeable, variable, whimsical, fluctuating.

What’s another word for sudden and unexpected?

Some common synonyms of sudden are abrupt, headlong, impetuous, and precipitate. While all these words mean “showing undue haste or unexpectedness,” sudden stresses unexpectedness and sharpness or violence of action.

What is a stupefying mean?

1 : to make confused or unable to think clearly. 2 : astonish, astound. stupefy. transitive verb. stu·​pe·​fy | ˈst(y)ü-pə-ˌfī

What does unsettling mean in English?

: having the effect of upsetting, disturbing, or discomposing unsettling images of the war.

What does bewildering mean in English?

: extremely confusing or difficult to understand an utterly bewildering experience a bewildering number of possibilities

What are three synonyms for unpredictable?


  • erratic.
  • fickle.
  • uncertain.
  • unreliable.
  • unstable.
  • capricious.
  • chance.
  • chancy.

What do you call a moody person?

Irritable and quick to take offense at petty things. sulky. sullen. angry. temperamental.

Is unexpected a real word?

not expected; unforeseen; surprising: an unexpected pleasure;an unexpected development.

How do you describe a kind hearted person?

If you describe someone as kind-hearted, you mean that they are kind, caring, and generous. He was a warm, generous and kind-hearted man.

How do you describe a good person?

Agreeable — He’s enjoyable to talk to. Amiable — He’s friendly and nice. Charming — He has a “magic” effect that makes people like him. Polite — He’s good at saying “please,” “thank you,” etc.