What Happens To Hester At The End Of The Novel?


Hester resolves to ask Chillingworth to stop tormenting the minister. One day she and Pearl encounter him near the beach, gathering plants for his medicines. … She then informs Chillingworth that she feels it is time to tell the minister the truth about Chillingworth’s identity.

What does Hester Prynne agree to do at the end of Chapter 4?

Hester takes an oath to keep Chillingworth’s identity a secret, although she expresses the fear that her vow of silence may prove the ruin of her soul.

What do we learn from Hester Prynne?

Hester’s final lesson is simple: waste no time on spite or concealment. Wear your shortcomings with pride, and take criticism on your own terms.

What is the moral of the story of the scarlet letter?

The moral of The Scarlet Letter is that secret sin leads to guilt and pain.

What does Hester Prynne symbolize?

Hester is a Fallen Woman with a symbol of her guilt. Later, when she becomes a frequent visitor in homes of pain and sorrow, the A is seen to represent “Able” or “Angel.” It has rejuvenated Hester and changed her meaning in the eyes of the community.

Why does Hester not reveal the father?

Hester keeps secret the name of her illegitimate child’s father (Reverend Dimmesdale) and the true identity of Roger Chillingworth (her husband). She will not reveal Pearl’s father to protect Reverend Dimmesdale’s reputation, as he is the minister of the church.

Why did Chillingworth marry Hester?

In The Scarlet Letter, Chillingworth married Hester because he hoped to find some happiness in married life, and she was young and beautiful. He had lived a pretty lonely and solitary existence for most of his years, and he longed for the happiness that he saw so many others enjoy.

Why did Hester cheat on Chillingworth?

Ultimately, Hester begins to realize that the act which gave her Pearl could never be wholly evil, as her community claims. She realizes that Dimmesdale is her true husband and that the only time she committed adultery was when she gave herself to Chillingworth, a man she didn’t love.

How did Hester Prynne help the poor?

Hester herself wears coarse and subdued clothing, and she only spends money to dress her baby, Pearl. She gives away all her spare money to the poor, on people who actually have more than she does. She also makes garments for the poor, and her charity is perhaps a form of penance for her sins.

Why did Hester take off the scarlet letter?

For Hester, to remove the scarlet letter would be to acknowledge the power it has in determining who she is. … Hester chooses to continue to wear the letter because she is determined to transform its meaning through her actions and her own self-perception—she wants to be the one who controls its meaning.

Why does Hester feel like she owes Dimmesdale help?

She feels that perhaps a lack of courage or loyalty on her part prevented her from doing so. She now feels stronger, is able to help Dimmesdale, and wants to correct the error of her past ways for not having helped Dimmesdale.

What is symbolic about where Hester is buried according to the conclusion of the scarlet letter?

Finally, Hester becomes a symbol of comfort and compassion, and upon her death, she is buried in the cemetery near the prison door where she first was incarcerated. While alive, she gives hope and comfort to those who feel sorrow and pain, and, accordingly, the scarlet letter becomes a symbol of help.

How did Dimmesdale punish himself?

As a result, his self-probing keeps him up at night, and he even sees visions. … Dimmesdale begins to torture himself physically: he scourges himself with a whip, he fasts, and he holds extended vigils, during which he stays awake throughout the night meditating upon his sin.


What happened to Dimmesdale after confessing?

At the end of the novel, Dimmesdale makes a speech and exposes his chest to the community gathered around the scaffold, then dies. … Dimmesdale believes that by finally confessing his secret, he has saved his soul: “Had either of these agonies been wanting, I had been lost for ever!” He dies at peace.

How did Hester Prynne change from beginning to end?

While Dimmesdale dies after his public confession and Chillingworth dies consumed by his own hatred and revenge, Hester lives on, quietly, and becomes something of a legend in the colony of Boston. The scarlet letter made her what she became, and, in the end, she grew stronger and more at peace through her suffering.

Is Hester Prynne an adulterer?

Because Hester has no husband with her, she is imprisoned, convicted of the crime of adultery, and sentenced to be forced to wear a prominent scarlet letter ‘A’ for the rest of her life. Though scorned by her fellow citizens, Hester continues to lead a relatively uneventful life.

How long was Chillingworth away from Hester?

When Chillingworth arrives in the colony and learns of Hester’s situation, he leaves her alone nearly seven years as he single-mindedly pursues Dimmesdale.

Does Hester love Dimmesdale?

Yes, she loves him very much. Think about it. Despite being asked over and over again, and despite having to bear the brunt of her punishment, shame and degradation alone, Hester never reveals that Dimmesdale is the father of her child. She protects his identity fiercely, at great personal loss and sacrifice.

Why did Hester name her child Pearl?

A beautiful flower growing out of sinful soil, Pearl is so named because she was “purchased with all had—her mother’s only treasure!” Because “in giving her existence a great law had been broken,” Pearl’s very being seems to be inherently at odds with the strict rules of Puritan society.

Why didn’t Dimmesdale reveal his sin?

Arthur Dimmesdale did not confess his sins for all the wrong reasons. He didn’t confess for mostly two reasons those being: his belief that man did not judge other men but only God can do that or that he will better serve his people with a sinful heart and not a sinful appearance.

Does Hester regret her sin?

Hester starts by seeing her act as a sin that she is sorry for committing. She changes and no longer feels sorry for the sin. Finally, Hester sees the act as not sinful, but she regrets committing it. … This evil deed, in Hester’s eyes, causes Pearl to act sinful, so Hester feels overwhelming guilt.

Is Hester proud of the scarlet letter?

Even when she is punished for her crime of adultery and publicly humiliated by being forced to wear a scarlet A on her chest, Hester does not break. She remains exactly who she is: strong, kind, proud, but also humble.

How does Hester Prynne show strength?

What is most remarkable about The Scarlet Letter’s Hester Prynne is her strength of character. Her inner strength, her defiance of convention, her honesty, and her compassion may have been in her character all along, but the scarlet letter brings them to our attention. She is, in the end, a survivor.