What Does Apocenter Mean?


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What is the Earth’s eccentricity?

The present eccentricity of Earth is e ≈ 0.01671. In the past, it has varied between 0 and ∼0.06. The eccentricity value can be used to compute the difference in the distance from Earth to the Sun between their closest and furthest approaches (perihelion and aphelion); presently, this amounts to 2e ≈ 3.3%.


What is Earth’s closest point to the sun?

Earth’s closest approach to the sun, called perihelion, comes in early January and is about 91 million miles (146 million km), just shy of 1 AU. The farthest from the sun Earth gets is called aphelion. It comes in early July and is about 94.5 million miles (152 million km), just over 1 AU.

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