Is Noelle Worth It On Genshin Impact?


Noelle is a tremendous defensive character early on and is the character most players pull first from their Genshin Impact starter wishes. While she can remain decent with a good kit, she is easily outclassed by the likes of Diona, Zhongli, or even Xinyan when it comes to shields.

Is Noelle a good character Genshin?

Genshin Impact’s Noelle is one of the best 4-star all-rounder characters with Geo vision. Noelle’s talents allow her to defend against enemy attacks using a shield, attack by converting DEF stats to ATK stats, heal HP, and much more.

Is Noelle hard to get Genshin Impact?

While Noelle technically isn’t free, per se, she’s a guaranteed drop during your first 10-set pull from the Beginner’s Banner, only available to new players.

What weapon is best for Noelle?

Whiteblind is the perfect sword for Noelle. By leveling up the weapon, you’ll also increase Noelle’s defense, as it’s the sword’s secondary attack. In addition to Whiteblind’s stats, the weapon will also increase your attack and defense stats by six percent with every hit, with a maximum stack of four.

Is Noelle a good support?

Noelle’s Elemental Skill, Breastplate, creates a shield that scales with her Defense and gives her Normal Attacks a chance to heal the party. The healing from Breastplate also scales with her Defense. The more tanky Noelle is, the better support she can provide.

Is Noelle better than Ningguang?

Ningguang – Geo / Catalyst

Ningguang is probably easier to use, but less effective than Noelle once you’ve got to grips with them both.

How do you increase Noelle healing?

For Noelle’s artifact build, the Maiden Beloved will increase her healing effectiveness and the overall health regeneration of the entire party when she uses her skill or burst. The main use of this artifact is to maximize the healing from her elemental skill.

What Claymore is best for Noelle?

The best weapon for Noelle is the Whiteblind claymore, since it means Normal and Charged Attacks increase both ATK and DEF for six seconds. This effect can stack up to four times, which makes it especially great.

Who is the rarest character in Genshin impact?

What’s the rarest character in Genshin Impact?

  • Albedo the genius alchemist and a Geo swordsman.
  • Ganyu the half-adepti secretary and a Cryo archer.
  • Klee, an adorable child with too much Pyro explosions.

What is the weakest element in Genshin impact?

Most people say electro is the weakest element… but from the graph say… overload and electro-charged is actually higher than swirl (by level). There is also crystallize which don’t deal any dmg but give shield.


How old is Zhongli?

#1 – Zhongli: 28 years (human form), 6000+ years (Archon form) Morax and Barbatos are both Archons, but the former is far older.

Is Noelle good with Zhongli?

Moreover, Noelle has DEF bonus stat when she level up and Zhongli has Geo dmg bonus when he level up. In my personal opinion, Zhongli is better as a shield support because his shield can last 20 sec and has 12 sec cooldown, when Noelle has 12 sec duration and 24 sec cooldown.

Who should I use to fight Childe?

Diluc is probably the best character to bring against Childe because of how he can deal Pyro damage non-stop.

How good is Noelle healing?

Noelle can be used a great defensive healer. The full Maiden Beloved artifact set helps boost her lower healing throughput to be more comparable to other healers.

How much does Noelle heal?

While active, Noelle’s Normal and Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to heal all characters based on her DEF stat.

Is Noelle the best healer?

2 Noelle. While not often considered, Noelle’s stat combinations make for one of the most durable characters in the healing position. Scaling with her defense stat, her healing abilities are second to her skill at blocking damage in the first place.

Is Fischl s tier?

Fischl (S-Tier, Bow, Electro/Lightning)

Fischl really comes into her own through her elemental skills, however, which make use of Oz. … As a bow user, you’ll want to use Fischl from range, or only swap her in to trigger skills at key moments. Fischl’s Elemental Skill is Nightrider, which summons Oz the raven.

Can Ningguang break shield?

Every other enemy including enemies with a Geo shield or element can be crushed by Ningguang. … However, Ningguang shines when put in an offensive role.

What is Ningguang good for?

This catalyst-wielding Geo character is capable of dealing high amounts of burst damage to a single target, perfect for any situations where you have a limited amount of time to deal damage. Ningguang is more than capable of dishing out damage without the need for any boosts from her party members.