Is Monsters Inc Or Monsters University First?


The film was released to theaters by Walt Disney Pictures in the United States on November 2, 2001.

When did Monsters Inc take place?

If time passes the same in the Monster World as in ours, given the fact that the title school was founded in 1313, then Monsters, Inc. takes place in 2001.

Who is Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend?

Celia makes a cameo at the end of Monsters University in a photo. Her phone number (555-0148) can also be seen. It is implied that Mike may have met Celia sometime after getting a job at Monsters, Inc..

How old is wazowski?

In Monsters University, Mike is 18, meaning that in Monsters, Inc., he is about 28. Despite this, Billy Crystal was around 52 during the production of Monsters Inc., & around 64 during the production of Monsters University.

Who is the CEO of Monster Inc?

Henry Waternoose – CEO – Monster, Inc | LinkedIn.

Is Boo in Toy Story 4?

Boo herself actually does make two brief cameo appearances in the sequel Toy Story 4 where she appears in Bonnie’s kindergarten class and at the carnival.

Is monstropolis facing a surplus or a shortage?

takes place during an energy shortage in Monstropolis. This is actually critical to the film; the plot hinges on scream scarcity and the management practices and ownership history of the company and causes of the shortage are actually addressed in dialogue at some length. At the end of the film, the Monsters, Inc.

When did Disney buy Pixar?

Ultimately, Disney bought Pixar for $7.4 billion in 2006. Jobs became a member of Disney’s board and the largest shareholder of the company.

How old is Boo at the end of Monsters Inc?

According to the artwork in the DVD, there are a bunch of drawings of Boo being slightly older (possibly around the ages 5-10) in her early works; but the final designs were later confirmed that Boo would be a toddler instead of a child.

How tall is Boo from Monsters Inc?

Position for a furry, 8-foot-tall ( 96 in ) co-star discover that Roz the…, returned to compose its fourth in Oozma Kappa allowing the team that helped Mike get for! 7 ] ) is a pink Slug monster that works at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney Pictures was!

Why did Mike and Sully get expelled?

Due to Sulley’s cheating and Mike’s break-in, both are expelled from the university, while the other members of OK are accepted into the scare program for the next semester as Hardscrabble was impressed by their performances in the Games.

Do Mike and Sully win Scare games?

Mike goes last and wins the challenge for the team. Everyone at school celebrates and after everyone is gone, Mike notices that the scare meter has been tampered with and set to the “easy” setting. Sully admits that he changed the setting so that they would win and Mike realizes that he was never scary.

Why did they cancel Monsters Inc 2?

Why It Was Cancelled

In early 2006, it was decided that Disney would be better off owning Pixar altogether rather than just the franchises. As a result, Circle 7 Animation was shut down thus canceling the film and letting Pixar make a prequel (Monsters University).


Was Duke Caboom a real toy?

Duke Caboom, who was voiced by Keanu Reeves in the hit 2019 animated film, was described in Disney promotional copy as a “1970s toy based on Canada’s greatest stuntman. Riding his powerful Caboom stunt-cycle, Duke is always prepared to show off his stunt poses with confidence and swagger.”

Why did Randall turn bad?

After this, he looks over bitterly at Sulley and mumbles his last line in the film, “That’s the last time I lose to you, Sullivan!”. Because of this, Randall supposedly begins his gradual descent into villainy as his jealousy for Sulley grows over the years.

Will Pixar make a Toy Story 5?

At this time of writing, Pixar has yet to confirm “Toy Story 5.” As such, there is no confirmed release date to speak of at this time. However, we know that Pixar currently has “Turning Red” and “Lightyear” set for release in 2022, and an untitled film scheduled to hit theaters in 2023.

Who is Mike Wazowski’s best friend?

Sullivan (better known as Sulley) and his wisecracking best friend, short, green cyclops monster Mike Wazowski, discover what happens when the real world interacts with theirs in the form of a 2-year-old baby girl dubbed “Boo,” who accidentally sneaks into the monster world with Sulley one night.

What is Sully’s middle name?

“Sulley” Sullivan. James P. “Sulley” Sullivan may be the most celebrated Scarer in Monstropolis, but that doesn’t make him mean.

Who holds the all time scare record?

Abigail Hardscrabble, the Dean of the School of Scaring at Monsters University. This canister contained the scream Hardscrabble collected, during her old career as a Scarer, that broke the All-Time Scare Record.

Does wazowski cry?

One of which, Wazowski cries with two tear streams. In the other visual, Wazowski cries with just one tear stream. Seems like a fair question considering he only has one eye. … Similar to Wazowski he had only one eye, and his tears would sort of chaotically burst out of the sides of his eye.

Is wazowski a real last name?

The Wazowski family name was found in the USA in 1920. In 1920 there was 1 Wazowski family living in Michigan. … Michigan had the highest population of Wazowski families in 1920. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Wazowski surname lived.

Do Mike and Sully live together?

When we’re first introduced to Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, they’re close friends and great work buddies. They live in the same apartment and their work partnership has resulted in the pair being the most effective scarers in the scream-fueled company.