How Many Branches Have NIB Bank?


Through its over 625 branches in the country, BoA serves over 5 million customers.

What are the 3 types of savings accounts?

While there are several different types of savings accounts, the three most common are the deposit account, the money market account, and the certificate of deposit.

What is the slogan of Awash Bank?

Awash Bank – Nurturing Like The River.

What means nib?

A nib is the point of a thing, such as a spear. More commonly it means the point of a pen, especially a fountain pen. Before ball points were invented, a common student problem was a pen with a broken nib. The word nib comes from a 16th century word meaning the beak of a bird.

How many CBE branches are there in 2020?

The bank has around 22,908 employees, who staff its headquarters and its over 1000+ branches positioned in the main cities and regional towns. The latter include 120 branches in the national capital Addis Ababa.

What is the difference between bank and banking?

What is the difference between Bank and Banking? – Bank is a tangible object, while banking is a service. – Bank refers to the physical resources like building, staffs, furniture, etc, while banking is the output (financial services) of the bank by utilizing those resources.

What is the interest rate of Awash bank?

Tomas Fikadu, Commercial Credit Appraisal Department head, said Awash Bank’s interest rate was ranging from 8.5 percent to 17.75 percent and now the maximum range has declined to 15.75 percent.

What is M wallet awash bank?

Awash Mobile Wallet is a mobile banking services provided by Awash Bank. It is a very simple and convenient to use mobile banking system. Holder of any mobile device can use the service without internet connection but availability of a mobile network is required.

Who is the leading private Bank in Ethiopia?

Dashen Bank

It is the largest private bank in Ethiopia.

Who is the first private Bank in Ethiopia?

The first privately owned bank, Addis Ababa Bank share company, was established on Ethiopians initiative and started operation in 1964 with a capital of 2 million in association with National and Grindlay Bank, London which had 40 percent of the total share.

What is the full form of nib?

NIB – National Investment Bank.


What does NIB mean in banking?

NIB – (Bank Identification Number) This number identifies your account in all the National Interbanking operations. IBAN is the International Number of Banking Account that identifies the number of your current account for international transferences.

What does NIB stand for in medicine?

The suffix “nib” indicates a small-molecule inhibitor (“nib” is verbal shorthand for “inhibit”) of kinase enzymes. More specifically, “tinib” is used for tyrosine kinase inhibitors, “anib” for angiogenesis inhibitors, and rafenib for rapidly accelerated fibrosarcoma (RAF) kinase inhibitors.

What is the main function of Awash Bank?

Awash Bank focuses on delivering distinctive profitable solutions for its clients in all core areas of commercial banking. To be the core bank to our clients, deepening and broadening strategic relationship in the market.

What are awash bank services?

Main products availed by Awash Bank are:

  • Loan and Advances including term loan and Over Draft Facilities.
  • Value added Deposit Accounts (Current, Fixed Time Deposit, Special Saving)
  • Payroll Administration solution Service.
  • F Solution Account Service.
  • Door Step Banking- Cash/Cheque/BC Pickup and Cash Delivery.

Which Ethiopian bank is best?

Best Banks in Ethiopia for 2021

  • Bunna International Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year. …
  • Abay Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year. …
  • Berhan Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year. …
  • Zemen Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year. …
  • Enat Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year. …
  • Addis International Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year. …
  • Debub Global Bank 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.

Which bank is first in Ethiopia?

The Bank of Abyssinia’s Bank Notes

We saw last week that the founding of Ethiopia’s first bank, the Bank of Abyssinia, in 1905, was followed, in 1915, by that institution’s issue of bank notes.

Which bank pays highest capital?

Muktinath Bikas Bank has the highest paid-up capital of 481.16 crores.