How Does Loot Work In Clash Of Clans?


Solution: Since clan castles generally have more hp than loot storage, they will be harder to be destroyed completely, and they will only receive loot once they have fully destroyed it. … Therefore it is safer to keep your loot in the clan castle if you don’t plan on spending it immediately.

Can people steal your treasury loot?

Only 3% of loot stored in the Treasury will be stolen if an attacker completely destroys your Clan Castle, and if it’s not destroyed in an attack the attacker will not steal any loot from it at all. You can view your stored loot by tapping “Treasury”.

What happens to war loot if Treasury is full?

If your Treasury is full and you are rewarded with more resources, the overflow resources will be lost. … This will send the resources directly to your regular storages. If you tap “collect” and your Storages don’t have enough space, the remaining resources will stay on the Treasury; they will not be lost.

How long are attacks in COC?

When the Village Guard is active, other players can’t attack your village, but you can attack without shortening the Village Guard. Your Trophy League level affects how long your Village Guard is. When your village is attacked, your village gets a Shield for 12, 14 or 16 hours.

How long is personal break COC?

Personal Breaks

The Personal Break Timer (abbreviated as PBT) is a mechanism designed to prevent players from remaining online indefinitely (which would prevent them from ever being attacked). The PBT lasts for 4 hours, starting from the moment players go online, and pausing whenever the player goes offline.

Where is the most loot in clash of clans?

Whether you are talking about storage loot or collector loot, the best loot is in the middle trophy range for your TH level: where ever you’d end up with a normal base layout if you didn’t play for a few weeks. If you drop too many trophies, you’ll end up amongst the loot-desert of goblin-knifers and Barchers.

How long do loot carts last?

The loot contained on the cart is entirely new and offered by the game. Starting on the Summer 2020 update, the Loot Cart now accumulates loot overtime for up to 90 days and its capacity for resources generated from inactivity has been increased across Town Hall levels.

Do you lose loot when attacked?

You lose resources, depending on how much the attacker “destroys”. If the attacker destroys everything, you can lose up to a maximum of 50% of Elixir/Gold in your collectors, 100% of Elixir/Gold in your Town Hall, and 10-20% of Elixir/Gold in your storage containers depending on your Town Hall level.

What was the biggest raid in history?

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Which league is best for loot in COC?

I have tried quite a few leagues but my favourite is easily Crystal II. This is where you will find lots of dead bases with loot. Masters has more active players and less dead loot. Gold is also an option, but crystal has slightly harder bases meaning you will be more practiced when going into clan war.

Why am I not getting attacked in COC?

Bases that do not get attacked usually have 3 things in common: Great base design; looks scary to attackers. Possibly low loot in storages. Have an active shield/guard.

How long can you stay online COC?

That means you can only be online for 3 hours total before the game will kick you out so that you’re vulnerable to attack. The patch notes also mention that they closed a few loopholes that used to reset the 3 hour limit, to catch people who are gaming the system.

What is a personal break in clash?

The personal break activates when a player stays online for a very long time. Once a player’s personal break begins, he can be attacked even though he is still online.

What happens if both clans get max stars?

If both clans gain the same amount of stars, the clan who gains higher total destruction rate wins. Every clan member who makes attacks during a clan war will earn some bonus loot, but only the winning clan will receive a large loot bonus.

Why is a player not eligible for CWL?

When you try to join a war but receive the message “not eligible,” this indicates one or several of the below scenarios: You are already participating in another Clan’s Clan War or Clan War Leagues. You or your Clan have received a War cooldown as a punitive action.

How often do Clans play Clash of Clans?

Clan Games are a monthly in-game event for Clash of Clans where players in a clan complete challenges to earn points and unlock rewards such as Magic Items and resources. Clan Games usually run from the 22nd to 28th of each month.

How much loot do you get when you lose war?

When you win a war, you receive the full war loot bonus. When you draw a war, you receive 4/7ths of the full war loot bonus. When you lose a war, you receive 3/7ths of the full war loot bonus.

Do you still get war loot if you leave clan?

Even if you have left the clan before the war ended, you can still receive the War Bonus if you had successfully attacked at least one base in the Clan War. Any spectators, however, will not receive any War Bonus whatsoever.

What happened to Sardar Inder Singh?

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