How Do You Use Incurred In A Sentence?


  1. The believer may pass from one community to another without imperilling his spiritual life, or even establish a new church without necessarily incurring the reproach of schism. …
  2. Four years later Khalaf, incurring Mahmud’s displeasure again, was imprisoned, and his property confiscated.

Will be incurred meaning?

C2. to experience something, usually something unpleasant, as a result of actions you have taken: to incur debts/fines/bills.

How do you use incurred cost in a sentence?

Costs incurred because of the unseasonably dry summer were 1.8 million. Costs incurred by the employer are paid by the Finnish / Swedish state. The government decided it would reimburse the four bidders for all costs incurred. The higher the level of education, the higher the expenditure and cost incurred.

Has or had meaning?

Has‘ is the third person singular present tense of ‘have’ while ‘had’ is the third person singular past tense and past participle of ‘have. ‘ 2. Both are transitive verbs, but ‘has’ is used in sentences that talk about the present while ‘had’ is used in sentences that talk about the past.

What is incur cost?

Incurred expenses have been charged or billed but are not yet paid. In other words, an expense incurred is the cost when an asset is consumed. A paid expense has been paid off by the company.

Has been incurred meaning?

incurred. DEFINITIONS2. to lose money, owe money, or have to pay money as a result of doing something. incur costs/expense/expenses: She may have to meet any costs incurred as a result of the delay.

What is the synonym of incurred?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for incurred. caught, contracted.

What is the difference between incur and occur?

As verbs the difference between occur and incur

is that occur is to happen or take place while incur is to bring upon oneself or expose oneself to, especially something inconvenient, harmful, or onerous; to become liable or subject to.

Is there any cost incurred?

An incurred cost is defined as a charge that is recorded as an obligation until it has been paid. Any goods or services a business receives will generally be considered an incurred cost. … (When a credit card has been used to pay a supplier, it’s a paid expense and still considered an incurred cost).

How do you use the word incur?

Incur in a Sentence ?

  1. It was impossible to incur any debt after a year of being unemployed.
  2. Because she did not pay her taxes on time, the business owner will incur a penalty this tax year.
  3. The retiree was able to pull out his funds early, but he did incur a fee when doing so.

What are incurred losses?

Incurred Losses — the total amount of paid claims and loss reserves associated with a particular time period, usually a policy year. It does not ordinarily include incurred but not reported (IBNR) losses.

What does date incurred mean?

Incurred Date:

Incurred date is the exact date when the expense was incurred. This can be selected in the Date Incurred field on the expense sheet.


What does incurred mean in insurance?

Losses incurred refers to benefits paid to policyholders during the current year, plus changes to loss reserves from the previous year. Losses incurred represents profit that an insurer will not earn from its underwriting activities since funds are to be paid to policyholders for claims.

What does incurred mean in business?

Incurred is an accounting term that means that all transactions, regardless of their nature, must be recorded when they occur. It means that an accountant. must recognize and record the transaction on the date when it occurred rather than on the date when the transaction was actually paid.

What is incurred income?

A word used by accountants to communicate that an expense has occurred and needs to be recognized on the income statement even though no payment was made.

What is the meant by the word incur?

transitive verb. : to become liable or subject to : bring down upon oneself incur expenses.

What is the difference between incurred and paid claims?

An incurred expense is a cost that your business owes when receiving goods or services. Paid expenses are incurred expenses that you have paid for. For example, when you actually pay off the credit card used to buy supplies, the incurred expense becomes a paid expense.

What’s the difference between incurred and accrued?

Accrued expenses (also called accrued liabilities) are payments that a company is obligated to pay in the future for which goods and services have already been delivered. … Wages that are incurred but payments have yet to be made to employees. Services and goods consumed but no invoice has been received yet.

What does total incurred claims mean?

Definition. An estimate of the amount of outstanding liabilities for a policy over a given valuation period. It includes all paid claims during the period plus a reasonable estimate of unpaid liabilities.

Is cost incurred an asset?

The cost incurred for supplies only includes the used up portion of such. The other half remains an asset at the end of the month. As you can see, these costs are incurred when they are used up or the company has become liable for them. Thus, they are recorded as expenses in this period.

How do you calculate cost incurred?

Add the total cost of materials purchases in the period to the cost of beginning inventory, and subtract the cost of ending inventory. The result is the cost of direct materials incurred during the period.

What committed cost?

A committed cost is an investment that a business entity has already made and cannot recover by any means, as well as obligations already made that the business cannot get out of. One should be aware of which costs are committed costs when reviewing company expenditures for possible cutbacks or asset sales.

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