Does Antares Autotune Need ILok?


We have recently learnt that Antares no longer support iLok licensing for any of their current products including Auto-Tune Unlimited, Auto-Tune Vocal Studio, Auto-Tune Pro 9.1, Auto-Tune Artist, Auto-Tune EFX+, Auto-Tune Access, Auto-Key and AVOX 4.2.

Does Antares use iLok?

The latest Antares software is now authorized with Antares Central and no longer the iLok License Manager. Your older Antares software may still use iLok and will continue to work that way.


Does autotune use iLok?

Auto-Tune Pro 9.1 uses computer-based WIBU licenses managed in Antares Central instead of iLok. If you are updating from an earlier version of Auto-Tune Pro that uses iLok, please see this article for important compatibility information.

Do you need iLok for autotune unlimited?

Q: Do I need an iLok? A: None of the plug-ins included in an Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription require an iLok.