Did Loki Betray The TVA?


Loving someone besides himself is new for the God of Mischief, which perhaps explains the awkward moment after Lady Loki said Mobius is fond of Loki. Though there’s no romantic love, Loki and Mobius clearly have a deep bond. At the very least, the pair have a strong friendship.

Who was the bad guy at the end of Loki?

Well, we were all so sure that “He Who Remains,” a.k.a the dude sitting at the end of time, handing out job opportunities to Sylvie and Loki, is the iconic Marvel villain Kang the Conquerer.

What happens to Mobius Loki?

By the end of Loki’s finale, Sylvie banished Loki back to the TVA and she killed He Who Remains, despite his warnings that doing so would break the Sacred Timeline and unleash an untold number of Kang variants who would start a new multiversal war.

Why did Mobius not recognize Loki?

Mobius doesn’t know who Loki is in episode 6 because Loki has been transported to an alternate version of the TVA. In this new version of the TVA, Loki is not known by anyone there. It’s an entirely new experience for the character, as his reputation preceded him when he was first sent there.

Why does no one remember Loki?

It’s because he actually had a life before the TVA that he has no recollection of. Mobius is essential in Loki and Sylvie’s (Sophia Di Martino) quest to find He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors). And the fact that Loki could trust someone and that someone could truly trust Loki in return gives Loki a new purpose.

What happened to Sylvie in Loki?

Sylvie may be a Loki Variant, but her life differed dramatically from that of the show’s main one. The TVA arrested her and erased her timeline, meaning she was completely on her own after her escape and was unable to form a proper relationship with anyone until she met Loki.

Who is the big bad in Loki?

The Loki series introduces He Who Remains, an alternate version of Kang the Conqueror who is perfectly poised to be the next big bad in Avengers 5. Warning: SPOILERS for Loki episode 6, “For All Time.

Is Loki a bad guy?

Loki is one of my favourite MCU characters. … There are so many angles to this character. He was a villain in the first Thor movie, but brainwashed by Thanos in the Avengers. He tried to kill Thanos to protect Thor, he gave up the space stone to save his brother, but also tried to kill him multiple times.

Is Loki in love with Sylvie?

The romance between the two peaks when Loki and Sylvie share a kiss in the season finale, and even though Sylvie betrays him, it has been confirmed that her love for Loki is genuine. However, reactions to their romance have been mixed.

Does Loki like Sylvie?

The romance has brought the concept of selfcest back into the mainstream. After the show’s fourth episode confirmed that Loki and Sylvie had romantically fallen for each other, conversation began to bubble online about the nature of their relationship.

Who is Loki’s love interest in Loki?

Loki came out as bisexual in episode 3 of ‘Loki’

In “Lamentis,” Loki and Sylvie bond as they ride a train that will take them to an evacuation ark. While talking, they discuss their childhoods, Asgard, and their views on love.

Is Loki a villain or hero?

Loki’s character has borrowed a number of characteristics and storylines from across the history of the character in Marvel Comics. As in the comics, Loki has generally been a villain in the MCU, variously attempting to conquer Asgard or Earth, and having allied himself with more powerful villains to achieve his aims.


What did Loki say before he died?

Before he dies, Classic Loki laughs deliriously and shouts, “Glorious purpose!” Considering he’s about to die, the move seems odd, but it’s actually clearly rooted in Classic Loki’s Marvel journey.

Why is there a female Loki?

Why did Loki turn into a woman? In the comics, Loki is reborn as a woman, known simply as Lady Loki, after the events of Ragnarok in Asgard, but even that wasn’t too innocent: When Thor and his fellow Asgardians are to be reborn in new bodies on Earth, Loki actually stole the body intended to be for Sif.

Is Sylvie bad in Loki?

For a couple of episodes there, Sylvie Lushton, a variant who doesn’t actually refer to herself as Lady Loki, appeared to be the primary villain of the now-concluded Disney Plus streaming series Loki. That turned out to be something of a misdirect in a series about deceit and fake facades and variant identities.

Who is the real villain in Loki series?

In this instance, it’s revealed that He Who Remains is actually a Kang variant who harnessed and used the power of Alioth (seen in Loki Episode 5) to bring an end to the Multiversal War that nearly destroyed all of reality, a concept first mentioned in Loki Episode 1’s TVA ad.

Is Loki a good guy in Loki?

While Loki claims to act in his own self-interest, we see time and time again how he cares for others. He doesn’t seem to fit into any superhero archetype — he’s not fully good or fully evil — but his ability to grow might make him lean more toward good.

Is Sylvie Loki’s daughter?

Sylvie Laufeydottir means Sylvie, the daughter of Laufey. Laufey was the king of Frost Giants, who was killed by Loki in the main MCU timeline. He was also the father of Loki. Sylvie is the dangerous variant that the Time Variance Authority has been hunting for.

Why does Sylvie betray Loki?

She lost faith after the Time Variance Authority messed with her reality and tried to prune her to protect the Sacred Timeline. As such, many felt that seeing Loki shedding his villainous skin would help her believe and hold out hope again. Sadly, she betrays him in the finale.

Why was Sylvie taken by the TVA?

Sylvie was taken by the TVA because she caused a nexus event as a child.

Is Loki in Doctor Strange?

Owen Wilson Reportedly Set to Reprise ‘Loki’ Role in ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Reportedly, the hotly anticipated Doctor Strange sequel, Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) will not only feature Tom Hiddleston’s Loki but more Loki Season 1 favorites as well — including Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius M.

What happened to Loki at the end of Episode 6?

The episode ends with a pan shot from a confused and worried looking Loki to a big statue at the TVA, where the three Time Keepers stood earlier. Now, there’s just one statue – of He Who Remains, in the avatar of Kang the Conqueror, presumably the new super villain of Marvel’s Phase 4.

What Loki means?

In Norse mythology Loki is a cunning trickster who has the ability to change his shape and sex. Although his father is the giant Fárbauti, he is included among the Aesir (a tribe of gods). Loki is represented as the companion of the great gods Odin and Thor.