Will Ashley Judd Ever Walk Again?


Ashley Judd, who experienced multiple traumatic leg injuries earlier this year, has made incredible progress in her recovery after months of rehab. Judd shared an Instagram post documenting how far she’s come since tripping over a fallen tree in the Congolese jungle in February.

Is Ashley Judd still in the hospital?

I am now recovering from surgery.” She shared a short video of herself walking with a walker alongside a hospital employee. “Let us always remember those without insurance,” Judd wrote. “Let us remember those who do not have choices.

Is Ashley Judd in a relationship?

Following Ashley’s split from husband Dario, she doesn’t seem to have been romantically linked with anyone else. … During Ashley’s acting career she was linked to Matthew McConaughey and Robert DeNiro. However, in 2021 she doesn’t seem to be in a public relationship.

How old is Ashley Judd now?

The 53-year-old actress went on to detail her experience, saying: “Stepping in, I felt in my ease, my natural garment of self, at home in my spirit. My leg and foot, worked beautifully.”

What did Ashley Judd do to her leg?

Judd tripped over a log and broke her tibia in multiple places while joining researchers in a night-time search for bonobos. She said she spent hours on the forest floor, biting a stick after screaming in pain.

What is Ashley Judd doing lately?

Judd shared several indications that her recovery is now looking very good. For instance, she recently hit a milestone in her knee mobility and expects to be walking again soon. “Yesterday, I effortlessly reached the benchmark of 130 degrees. I can nearly reach my knee as you see in one picture.

Why is Ashley Judd in Congo?

Judd was walking in a Congo rainforest in February when she tripped over a fallen tree, shattering her leg. Judd, a frequent visitor to Congo, was doing work to track the Bonobos, an endangered great apes species.


What is Ashley Judd most known for?

Ashley Judd (born Ashley Tyler Ciminella on April 19, 1968) is an American actress. She is famous for her roles in a series of late 1990s and early 2000s thriller movies, including Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy and High Crimes.

How old was Ashley Judd 1993?

Ashley Judd was 24-years old when she was cast as Ruby Lee Gissing, a young girl looking to start a new life after her mother passes away.

Does Ashley Judd have a child?

Does Ashley Judd have kids? No, Ashley Judd does not currently have any kids — nor does she plan on having children in the future. “It’s unconscionable to breed with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries,” she told the Sunday Mail in 2006.

How did Ashley Judd get hurt?

Ashley Judd posted Instagram videos walking in the Swiss Alps, six months after breaking her leg in four places. Judd injured her right leg after a brutal fall in a Republic of Congo rainforest in February. After surgeries and rehabilitation, Judd says her leg and foot “worked beautifully” in her first walk.

Does Dario Franchitti have a child?

Franchitti has since married Eleanor Robb, an Englishwoman. They have two daughters: Sofia (born November 2015) and Valentina (born February 2019).

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