Why Was The Narrator Called By The District Officer?


Ans. When the narrator was invited by the district officer to see him, his friends said that it was an insult to him because they thought that the district officer should have himself come to his house if he was so keen to meet him.

What help did Baldev come to ask for from the narrator?

Baldev convinced the narrator to get the help of the district officer in his son’s case. He requested that if his son is imprisoned, then his whole family will be ruined.

How did the narrator and Baldev?

Baldev was dull in studies and his teacher was fed up with him. So, he gave the narrator the task of giving extra lessons to Baldev. The narrator’s sympathetic approach yielded results. Baldev was soon well up in studies and they become friends.

Why was the narrator reluctant to accept the gift from Baldev?

The narrator was reluctant on accepting a gift from Baldev since they both had known each for a very long time. Explanation: They were very good friends. … Baldev gave the narrator a gift out of mutual love and respect.

What was the important decision made by the narrator?


Why did the writer admire the District Officer?

The narrator secretly admires the district officer as he is a man of learning. He has done considerable research in history and old coins. The narrator wonders how he finds time for it in the midst of his official duties. The narrator had read his works and is impressed by him.

Why does the narrator feel sorry at the mentality of his countrymen?

Ans :- The narrator feels sorry that his countrymen gave a lot of importance to the government officials. They try to flatter by inviting them to preside over public functions or naming the school or a hospital after them. This mentality of Indians makes the narrator feel sorry for them.

What did the narrator do after coming into the room?

He lighted a kerosene lanip. He switched on the light.

Who was the secret admirer of the district officer?

The narrator is a secret admirer of the district officer because of his keen interest in history. he has also done research in history and coins.

Why does the narrator write in secret?

The narrator is secretly writing and is hiding her writing from John because he does not want her to write and feels it will not improve her condition. However, it seems like it is one of the only things that she can control in her life.

Why did the narrator friend considered invitation from the district officer as an insult?

Answer: When the narrator was invited by the district officer to see him, his friends said that it was an insult to him because they thought that the district officer should have himself come to his house if he was so keen to meet him.

What does the narrator regret for?

(c) What does the narrator regret? Answer: The narrator regrets the fact that he cannot travel on both the paths. He also regrets the fact that he cannot come back to the start once he makes a choice.

What did the narrator see in the wood?

The narrator saw two diverging paths in the yellow wood. Related to life, the two were the carrier paths for the narrator from which he chose one.


Why was the narrator both delighted and frightened at the same time?

Why was the narrator both delighted and frightened at the same time? Answer: The narrator was delighted at the magnificence of the horse. He could smell it, hear it breathing, which excited him but what frightened him was that Mourad could not have bought the horse.

In what ways was the narrator hobby a little out of the ordinary?

Answer: The narrator’s hobby is to study crime and criminals. He considers it ‘out of the ordinary’ because generally people don’t have such unusual hobby. This hobby demanded keen observation and use of common sense to the full.

Why is Jane obsessed with the yellow wallpaper?

Why is the narrator obsessed with the yellow wallpaper? The narrator appears to be connecting her writing with the wallpaper and becoming obsessed with the wallpaper because the only thing she has control over seems to be her writing on paper and her ideas/obsession with the wallpaper.

Why is John a villain in The Yellow Wallpaper?

He does not intend to harm her, but his ignorance about what she really needs ultimately proves dangerous. John knows his wife only superficially. He sees the “outer pattern” but misses the trapped, struggling woman inside. This ignorance is why John is no mere cardboard villain.

Why does the narrator spend so much time looking at the wall in the Yellow Wallpaper?

She basically is forced to stare at the walls, as the cliche goes. She is a woman of imagination, and denied of any outlet, her imagination begins to transform the elaborate pattern of the wallpaper.

Why could the writer not sleep?

Answer: The writer could not sleep all night after he read the letter addressed to Connie. However, it was not guilt at having read another person’s letter that kept him awake. It was the dilemma in his mind what he should do: whether he should ignore the letter or try to locate Connie to whom the letter was addressed.

How did the narrator try to shake off the feeling?

The narrator tried to shake off the feeling by thinking that she was the champion of 800 m as she had won the race a couple of times in Calcutta. So, she gathered the courage and developed self-confidence and herself.

Who shared the room with the narrator?

4. Who shared the room with the narrator in the story ‘The Snake and the Mirror’? Ans. The rats shared the room with him.

Why could the doctor not sleep in his room What did he do then?

The doctor could not able to sleep in the room because his house was not electrified so their was no fan in his house . He was feeling very warm.So he dragged his bed toward window to sleep but he wasn’t able to sleep so he went out in veranda for some air but unfortunately the wind was not blowing.

Why did the snake leave the doctor’s arm?

Answer: The snake left the doctor’s arm because it saw its reflection in the mirror and was fascinated by it and so wanted to enjoy its own reflection by having a closer look. Like his parents even he respects all religions.