Why Is Kerning Useful?


Kerning, leading and tracking are all ways to manipulate the spacing between characters. These special adjustments are an important tool to help create better readability and a more aesthetically pleasing design.

What is the difference between spacing and kerning?

Here’s the difference: Letter-spacing is the process of simultaneously adjusting the overall space between groups of letters. … Kerning is the process of adjusting space between specific letter pairs to improve legibility in words that have inconsistent spacing, which makes the text look awkward and unprofessional.

How is kerning different from tracking?

Kerning adjusts the spacing between any two letters while tracking affects spacing for more than two letters. … Optical kerning adjusts spacing based on letter shapes and is generally a good option for large display text.

What is tracking in text?

Tracking adjusts the spacing between letters evenly across the whole word. This is particularly helpful when working with type that is set in all-caps. All-caps often looks better with more space, especially if you are using a heavier weight of font that requires more average spacing across the whole word.

Why is it called kerning?

The source of the word kern is from the French word carne, meaning “projecting angle, quill of a pen”. … At that time, the word kerning only referred to manufacturing the sorts with kerns, while adjusting space between letters during compositing was called inter-spacing or letter spacing.

Is kerning letter spacing?

Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font. It’s main purpose is to achieve a visually pleasing result. Kerning adjusts the space between individual letterforms, while tracking (letter-spacing) adjusts spacing uniformly over a range of characters.

What is the space between sentences called?

Kerning is the spacing in between individual characters.

What is spacing between words called?

In typography, kerning is defined as the adjustment of space between two individual letters.

What are the types of kerning?

There are three types of kerning:

  • Metrics kerning uses kern pairs, which are included with most fonts. Kern pairs contain information about the spacing of specific pairs of letters. …
  • Optical kerning adjusts the spacing between adjacent characters based on their shapes. …
  • Manual is a pretty self explanatory type of kerning.

What is tracking in web design?

Tracking is a term used to identify the way you decrease or increase the horizontal spacing between a range of letters or characters. Usually, this technique is a method designers leverage to adjust and fine-tune the letter spacing of a logo, or font on a website. It works alongside kerning and leading.

What is tracking in DTP?

Tracking Is Overall Letter-Spacing

Selective tracking squeezes a few more characters onto a line to save space or prevents a single word from carrying over to another page or column of text. Tracking often changes line endings and shortens lines of text.

What is bad kerning?

KERNING: The process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result. … Bad kerning = Good laughs!

Why is it important to use good typography?

Why is typography important? Typography is so much more than just choosing beautiful fonts: it’s a vital component of user interface design. Good typography will establish a strong visual hierarchy, provide a graphic balance to the website, and set the product’s overall tone.


How do you adjust kerning?

Adjust kerning manually

  1. In the Character panel or the Control panel, type or select a numeric value in the Kerning menu.
  2. Press Alt+Left/Right Arrow (Windows) or Option+Left/Right Arrow (Mac OS) to decrease or increase the kerning between two characters.

How do you set leading?

To adjust leading, select your text box and choose a value from the drop-down menu in the character panel. To do it using your keyboard, select your text box, hold down the option or alt key and press the up/down arrow keys to increase or decrease the leading.

Is 2 spaces after a period correct?

2. Nearly all style guides agree that one space is correct. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) was the only style guide that overtly recommended two spaces after a period, and even that long-time holdout for two spaces changed its guideline to one space in its 2019 update.

What is standard letter spacing?

Single-space your letter and leave a space between each paragraph. When sending typed letters, leave two spaces before and after your written signature. Left-justify your letter, so that your contact information, the date, the letter, and your signature are all aligned to the left.

What are the two techniques of spacing letters?

Changing kerning perception

While tracking adjusts the space between characters evenly, regardless of the characters, kerning adjusts the space based on character pairs.

What is the function of kerning in a document?

Kerning is the spacing between individual letters or characters. Unlike tracking, which adjusts the amount of space between the letters of an entire word in equal increments, kerning is focused on how type looks — creating readable text that’s visually pleasing.

What is leading and kerning?

– Kerning is the adjustment of spacing between the given pair of characters. … It not only refers to the spacing between two letters but also the process of adjusting these spaces. Leading, on the other hand, refers to the vertical spacing between lines and is measured from the baseline of each line of text to the next.

What is kerning in MS word?

Kerning refers to the way spacing between two specific characters is adjusted. The idea is to give a better looking result by reducing the spacing between characters that fit together nicely (such as “A” and “V”) and increasing the spacing between characters that don’t.

What are kerning pairs?

Kerning refers to the adjustment of space between two specific characters, thus the term kerning pair. Most often, kerning implies a reduction of space, but it can also mean the addition of space. Kern pairs are created to improve the spacing between two letters when the normal spacing is less than ideal.

What does leading mean in text?

The definition of leading is: the distance between two baselines of lines of type. The word ‘leading’ originates from the strips of lead hand-typesetters used to use to space out lines of text evenly. The word leading has stuck, but essentially it’s a typographer’s term for line spacing.