Why Didn’t The Virginian Have A Name?


Douglas Osborne McClure (May 11, 1935 – February 5, 1995) was an American actor whose career in film and television extended from the 1950s to the 1990s. He is best known for his role as the cowboy Trampas during the entire run from 1962 to 1971 of the series The Virginian.

What is the Virginians first name on the show?

James Drury as the Virginian in the Universal series by the same name. Played by James Drury, the Virginian was the tough foreman of the Shiloh Ranch. Based loosely on the character in the Owen Wister novel, he always stood his ground firmly.

Did The Virginian wear a toupee?

Does The Virginian wear a wig? Yes John McIntire had a hairpiece Nicholas. The Shiloh ranch was named after the two-day American Civil War Battle of Shiloh, Tenn. …

Why did Riker leave The Virginian?

The show was pulled after two seasons by Congress because they didn’t like the idea that kids were seeing the outlaw Billy the Kid as a hero. Clu’s next big break was playing Deputy Emmett Ryker on The Virginian from 1964-1968.

Did James Drury The actor wear a toupee?

“James Drury was good, he impressed me, but I was shocked when I learned he had a hairpiece. (Laughs) It blew me away! One day he wore his hat way down upon his ears… seems there was trouble with the toupee and he had to wear it like that, so as to not show there was no hair.

What killed Doug McClure?

Doug McClure, who rode his way from broncobusting to starring roles in such television westerns as “The Virginian,” “The Overland Trail” and “The Men From Shiloh,” died on Sunday at his home in the suburb Sherman Oaks. He was 59. The cause was lung cancer, said Dennis Morga, a friend.

Is Tane McClure related to Doug McClure?

Biography. McClure was born in Los Angeles County, California. She is the daughter of actor Doug McClure and Faye Brash, the first of his five wives. … McClure made a cameo appearance on her father’s Western television series The Virginian at age five.


Is anyone from The Virginian still alive?

James Drury passed away of natural causes in April of 2020, so he is now no longer with us. … Up until his wife, Ann Head Drury’s death in 2019, the two lived happily in Houston, Texas, where James was heavily involved in the natural gas and oil business.

Why did John McIntire leave wagon train?

The injury was so bad, producers considered writing Bond out of the series. He soldiered on, suffering from chronic ulcers and fueling himself on a reported 45 cups of a coffee per day. When Bond died suddenly of a heart attack in 1960, producers brought on McIntire to play the new wagon master.

Does the Virginian ever get married?

Late actor James Drury was wed three times, but the love of his life will always be his third wife, Carl Ann Drury. The couple got married in 1979 and they stayed together until Carl Ann died in August 2019, just seven months before James himself passed away in April 2020.

Was Roberta Shore a Mouseketeer?

Roberta also performed the theme song for that movie. She appeared many times on episodes of The Mouseketeers, although she herself was not a Mouseketeer as she was deemed too tall. … But the most notable role for Roberta on a TV series was as “Betsy Garth” on The Virginian (1962) for its first three seasons.

What happened to Sara Lane on the Virginian?

She had minimal acting lessons before she was cast on The Virginian (1962). After she retired from acting, she and her husband became joint owners of Havens Wine Cellars in Napa Valley. She has a daughter, Sara Scott, and an adopted son, James Scott. She now works with children with various types of problems.

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