Why Did Will Goldfarb Move To Bali?

Goldfarb, who is six-foot-three and limber from regular Pilates sessions, stretches his long arms to capacity. “Look around,” he says, grinning.

Where did Will Goldfarb grow up?

Paying attention, it becomes clear, is a relatively new skill for Will Goldfarb. Born in Long Island, Goldfarb grew up in the suburbs and had what he claims was a normal life. “I worked a lot, I studied a lot.” But true to form for a lusty Eight, he was burnt out by his senior year of college.

Where is Will Goldfarb?

Celebrated pastry chef Will Goldfarb is known as the ‘Golden Boy’ of pastry. Originally from Port Washington, New York, he is one of the pioneers of the dessert-only tasting menu. His destination restaurant and cocktail bar, Room4Dessert is situated in the village of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.

Where did Will Goldfarb go to college?

Critically acclaimed by industry professionals and peers alike, Will Goldfarb has worked in the kitchens of famous names such as Ferran Adrià, Tetsuya Wakuda, Paul Liebrandt, and Morimoto. Originally from New York State, Goldfarb trained at Le Cordon Bleu before working at elBulli.

Why did Room 4 Dessert close?

It’s unclear exactly how a perennially crowded and critically acclaimed restaurant met with such an abrupt and unfortunate fate, but we have very good sources who say the shuttering is a result of a massive rift between Goldfarb and his financial backers.

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