Who Owns Loopy?


Loopy Cases’s annual revenues are $100-$500 million (see exact revenue data) and has 10-100 employees.

How did Loopy Cases get started?

So with no other options, he decided to make a case that he couldn’t drop. With the slimmest protective case he could find, John secured a finger loop with some good ‘ole duct tape and headphone wire to the back of it. From that initial ‘eureka’ moment, the first Loopy Case was born.

How protective are the Loopy Cases?

Protection. The regular Loopy and Loopy Max will do a great job protecting your device from accidental drops. However, those accidental drops will be far and few between for the average person. … The edges on the Loopy Max are a bit larger than the regular Loopy case which equates to extra drop protection.

Can you put a loopy case in your pocket?

Pocket Friendly

Loopy has no problem fitting into even the slimmest pockets. If your phone fits in your pocket, so will Loopy.

Do loopy cases work with wireless chargers?

Samsung: We have found that wireless charging does not work with a Loopy Case on Samsung models. We are sorry for the inconvenience. In order to utilize the wireless charging feature, you will need to remove your Loopy Case. Fortunately, all Loopys are easy to uninstall and reinstall.

What are Super Loops?

A super loop is a program structure comprised of an infinite loop, with all the tasks of the system contained in that loop.

When did loopy cases start?

We started Loopy Cases back in late 2012 with an idea to offer a smarter way of protecting your phone that allowed you to have a sleek, beautiful case at a reasonable price. Since then, we’ve cultivated many designs, from ultra slim cases, to the extra protective pro case released in 2014.

Does Loopy replace broken loops?

We’re proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on these new loops! If there is ever an issue with your case, we replace it. Period.

What does loop loop mean?

The dictionary lists a loop-the-loop as a thrill ride that sends its passengers in a complete 360 degree circle. It is more commonly used to describe anything doing the same movement. A plane can loop the loop in the sky when turns in a vertical circle.

Do loopy cases come with a loop?

Meet Loopy®, the first case with a loop to StoptheDrop™

With phones getting bigger and harder to hold, we knew there had to be a better way to protect your device without adding bulk.

How do you charge a Popsocket wirelessly?

You must position the pop socket at the VERY bottom of the phone. When you use wireless charger you must open the popsocket all the way up and lay the phone horizontally on the pad. Then slide it into position by moving it towards the popsocket so the charge pad is between the top and bottom of the popsocket.

Can you use loopy case with magnet?

Answer: It should work fine. This mount is a magnet, and it comes with a piece that you can stick to your phone that is attracted to the magnetic mount. I just put that piece inside the back of my case, and didn’t use the adhesive.


How long does it take to get a loopy case?

Currently, we aim to ship all orders out within 72 hours! We offer USPS 4-7 business day First Class shipping for USA domestic orders.

What material are loopy cases?

The case itself is made with a wrap around TPU blend bumper, protecting your phone from wear and tear 360 degrees around. This protection only adds 3mm to your phone, allowing you to keep that sleek, slim finish. Cases also come with a raised front lip to protect your phone from face down drops or table tosses.

How do you clean a loopy case?

Loopy Cases

  1. Uninstall your Loopy Case and wash it under warm water with dish detergent to keep it squeaky clean! …
  2. Your phone (while out of it’s Loopy Case) can be cleaned by spraying antibacterial spray onto a cloth and gently wiping your device.

Are loopy cases durable?

It is a thick, soft durable plastic and is easy to clean. My last phone cover was also a bit of a splurge from Anthropologie, but it wasn’t long before the it started coming apart. … The white marble loopy is for when you’re feeling nice: Honest and Unsponsored Review of Loopy Phone Case.

Does Loopy have a guarantee?

In the rare instance you decide you’d like to return your Loopy, we will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase using the same method of payment used to purchase the case initially. … Loopy Cases is not responsible for shipping costs when sending the case back for a return.

Which loopy cases are ambidextrous?

*Ambidextrous models are only available for older model Loopy’s and select, (and usually) smaller phone models at this time. Why do all Loopy Cases not have the same orientation options? Popularity is a huge part of this. If the model is super popular, we’re able to offer a Lefty or Righty model.

Why is it called loop de loop?

The “loop-the-loop” aerobatic maneuver got its name from a 1901-1910 Coney Island roller coaster.

What does it mean to be thrown for a loop?

Definition of throw (someone) for a loop

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Why do roller coasters have teardrop loops?

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