Who Owns Appledore Island?


When John Hontvet and Maren arrived from Norway in 1868, they were the only people living on Smuttynose Island in the Isles of Shoals. … Business was good and in a short time the Hontvets prospered and lived comfortably in their island domain.

Who owns Smuttynose Island?

Duck, Appledore (the largest at 95 acres) and Star are owned by Star Island Corporation, and Malaga and Smuttynose by Celia Thaxter’s descendants. Cedar and Lunging are privately owned. White, the smallest at 2½ acres, and Seavey, which are attached by a natural bar of boulders, belong to the state of New Hampshire.

How far offshore is the Isle of Shoals?

Isles of Shoals is an extinct town on a set of islands of the same name which lie six miles offshore in the Gulf of Maine.

Where is Gosport New Hampshire?

Gosport Harbor is located at the Isles of Shoals off the coast of Portsmouth, N.H. The state line between New Hampshire and Maine bisects the harbor, so your vessel could be moored in two states at the same time.

What is the meaning of Smuttynose?

It was named by fishermen, seeing the island at sea level and noticing how the profuse seaweed at one end looked like the “smutty nose” of some vast sea animal.

How do you get to the Isle of Shoals?

Isles of Shoals Ferries

The Isles of Shoals Steamship Co. operates a ferry that travels every few hours from the mainland to Star Island. River, harbor, and island voyages are available as well as Star Island walking tours.

Is Star Island in Maine?

Star Island is one of the nine Isles of Shoals located seven miles off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine. All are welcome to explore the island for a day, enjoy a meal, spend the night, or attend a conference.

What state is Isle of Shoals in?

The Isles of Shoals sit roughly seven miles out to sea on the watery border of New Hampshire and Maine, with four of the nine islands falling into New Hampshire territory, including Star Island with its magnificent Oceanic hotel.

Is Peirce Island Open?

Four Tree Island : No restrictions – Open. Peirce Island Outdoor Pool Access: Currently Unrestricted – Open seasonally.

What is an Appledore?

The name Appledore comes from the Old English apuldre (meaning apple tree) and is first recorded in the 10th century. Although a Brythonic origin is more likely (given the widespread survival of Brythonic names in Kent) e.g. from or connected with “dwr/dor” meaning water.

What islands are off the coast of New Hampshire?

There are nine islands included in the Isles of Shoals: Appledore Island, Star Island, Seavey Island, Malaga Island, Cedar Island, Smuttynose Island, Lunging Island, White Island and Duck Island. The NH Islands are Lunging, Seavey, Star, and White Islands.

Can anyone go to Star Island?

Even though there is a guard house at the entrance of Star Island, it is a public neighborhood and you will be allowed to tour this tropical paradise with the incredible sight of one sprawling, magnificent home after another.


Who lives in Star Island Miami?

Gloria Estefan currently lives on the island, and former residents include Shaquille O’Neill, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell. Average home prices on Star Island fall between $32 and 40 million, according to The Jills Zeder Group.

Is Peaks island open to visitors?

Open 7 days a week during the summer and weekends in the fall and spring. Closed January – March. Bring some of the island home!

How long does it take to get to the Isles of Shoals?

Our trip to the Isle of Shoals was very enjoyable. We had a beautiful day, the boat trip was lovely, and our guide gave us interesting historic information about the Isles. The entire trip takes about 3 hours.

What are shoal waters?

Shoal water, which is not a common expression1 but can be understood simply as shoal being an attributive noun modifying water, means the water in or around a shoal, an area within a body of water that is shallower than the surrounding area (usually long and thin in shape).

How do you get to Star Island NH?

The best way to visit Star Island is to sign up for one of our many programs (or “conferences“) open to all. For day visitors, Star Island offers a free tender service for boaters to get to the island from Gosport Harbor.

What happened Smuttynose Brewery?

After a week of uncertainty following a public auction of the Smuttynose Brewery, a new owner has been announced. Smuttynose is now owned by Runnymede Investments, a venture capital and investment firm based in North Hampton.

Can you stay at the Isle of Shoals?

Sightseeing and Staying in Isles of Shoals

As you make plans for a getaway to Isles of Shoals, the best accommodation may not be centrally located but there are 64 hotels and lodging options locally. Below are places to stay in the region: Seabrook Inn is located 15 mi (24.1 km) from the heart of Isles of Shoals.

Does New Hampshire have any islands?

New Hampshire offers island adventures on a slew of lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. The Isles of Shoals are just off the east coast and offer plenty of attractions. Star Island is its second biggest island and showcases a 150-year-old chapel. White Island features one of two lighthouses on the New Hampshire coast.

What islands are off the coast of Maine?

5 Maine Islands to Dream About Visiting This Summer

  • Chebeague Island | Casco Bay.
  • Squirrel Island | Boothbay Harbor.
  • Vinalhaven Island | Penobscot Bay.
  • Monhegan Island | Outer Islands.
  • Mount Desert Island.

Can you walk from Instow to Appledore at low tide?

“I’ve walked this beach so many times but have never seen the tide out as far as it was – you could almost walk across to Appledore,” she said. … Mrs Bell has urged beach owners to display clear signs to warn people of the dangers of mud at low tide.