Who Is Deana Carter Related To?


Carlene Carter (born Rebecca Carlene Smith; September 26, 1955) is an American country singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of June Carter Cash and her first husband, Carl Smith. As of 2020, since 1978, Carter has recorded 12 albums, primarily on major labels.

How is Deana Carter related to Johnny Cash?

Raised in the downscale Nashville suburb of Goodlettsville, Carter is the daughter of Fred Carter Jr., a guitarist who has graced records by performers from Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan.

Did June Carter and Johnny Cash have a child?

So, June Carter became June Carter Cash. And in 1970, she gave birth to John Carter Cash, the only child she and Johnny would have together, and the only son for both of them. The boy was raised in a blended family, with seven children in all — just like his father back on that Arkansas farm.

Who is Deana Carter father?

Biography. Carter was born in Nashville, Tennessee, the daughter of singer Fred Carter, Jr. Despite her famous father, she did not have a smooth path to a recording deal.

What is Deana?

Meaning:valley; church leader; divine.

Are Nick Lowe and Carlene Carter still married?

Lowe and Carter would amicably divorce in 1990. Both are now musical veterans enjoying creative and lauded careers in their respective genres.

Who did June Carter marry?

It was through the Opry that June met honky-tonk singer Carl Smith, whom she married in 1952. Together the two would have one daughter, Carlene, who would herself become a successful country musician. Johnny Cash would achieve fame not only for his music but also his iconic romance with June Carter.


Is Deana Carter a one hit wonder?

The beautiful voice of Deana Carter is considered a one hit wonder. “Strawberry Wine” went all the way to No. 1 on the Billboard charts in 1996 and stayed at the position for two weeks.

Is Deana a male or female name?

Deana is a name of American origin and is the feminine version of the male name, Dean. It is a variant of the Latin name, Diana. The name Deana is normally preferred for baby girls.

How does Deana Carter pronounce her name?

Deana (pronounced “DEE-na,” as she was named for the late Dean Martin) is noted for her remarkably blond hair, and her feet, which, like those of the original bonnie lass of Fisherrow, are invariably bare.

What is Deana Carter doing now?

Carter continues to tour, produce music by others and has acted in several TV and film productions. Her filmography includes roles in The Badge, Painted Horses and Running from My Roots. She also co-wrote the Grammy-nominated Kenny Chesney hit, “You and Tequila,” with Matraca Berg.

Did Johnny Cash’s daughters like June?

This was very uplifting for Johnny’s children, who were left feeling abandoned. June gave them her love and attention as though they were her own.

How long were Johnny and June Cash married?

But the lovebirds navigated rough waters leading up to and during their 35-year marriage which produced one son, multiple hit songs about heartache, adoration and redemption, and ended when they took their final mortal bows within four months of each other.

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