Who Is Alex McKinnon Tackled By?


McLean was found guilty of a grade two dangerous throw, which carries a base penalty of 325 demerit points, but he received a seven match ban at Wednesday night’s judiciary hearing after the panel deemed the 22-year-old should receive an additional 400 demerit points for the injury suffered by McKinnon.

Did Alex McKinnon walk down the aisle?

Three and a half years later, on October 8, the couple wed in the NSW Hunter Valley, and Alex was able to fulfil a promise he made to Teigan while he was still recovering in hospital: that he would stand by her side throughout the ceremony. Alex stands as his bride walks down the aisle.

Can Alex McKinnon use his arms?

McKinnon has regained movement in his arms and can stand with the help of a forearm walker ahead of his wedding to fiancee Teigan Power in October. He is also completing an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management after leaving a junior recruitment role at the Knights in January.

Has Alex McKinnon recovered?

The former Knights forward has returned to Newcastle following rehabilitation in Sydney after suffering the injury in a tackle which left the 22-year-old in a wheelchair.

Can Alex McKinnon walk?

McKinnon was playing for the Newcastle Knights in 2014 before he was caught in a lifting tackle that left him with a spinal cord injury. He’s now a quadriplegic who has been wheelchair-bound since.

What does Alex McKinnon do now?

The 29-year-old suffered a life-changing spinal injury in a tackle while playing for the Knights seven years ago. It left him a quadriplegic. He now is a part of the Knights’ recruitment team.

What nationality is Jordan McLean?

Jordan McLean (born 8 October 1991) is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays as a prop for the North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL and Australia at international level.

Who broke Alex Mckinnons neck?

By Roy Ward. Melbourne Storm prop Jordan McLean was charged by the NRL match review committee on Tuesday night with a dangerous throw after the tackle he was involved in left Newcastle Knights’ Alex McKinnon with two broken vertebrae in his neck.

WHO lifted Alex McKinnon?

When McLean lifted McKinnon’s leg, the Newcastle player was automatically placed in a dangerous position, but what happened next is what led to serious injury. When McKinnon had his arms pinned from up top, he subsequently lost all ability to protect himself. Then three players drove him into the turf.

What is wrong with Mose Masoe?

The former NRL player suffered a horrific spinal injury for Hull in the English Super League in January 2020. Masoe’s doctors said he would never walk again, but four months later — after radical spinal surgery — he took his first steps.

Can Alex McKinnon drive?

Another challenge McKinnon has also overcome is getting his driver’s license again. … In January 2018 he took the plunge, took some lessons and got his license. The couple modified a van and he was ready to go.


What is rise for Alex?

The RiseForAlex Fund raises funds to provide Alex with ongoing financial and medical support, allowing Alex to focus on his recovery and rehabilitation.

What movement does Alex McKinnon have?

”Movement in Alex’s right arm is improving and he has started to get movement in his left arm. Alex is able to control an electronic wheelchair. As previously advised, further regeneration may occur over a two-year time frame.

How many games did Alex McKinnon play?

At 22 years of age, Alex has played 49 NRL games, represented Country, captained the Junior Kangaroos, played for NSW in the Under 20s and was named in the 2011 Toyota Cup Team of the Year.

Did McKinnon Win Lawsuit?

McKinnon received the maximum $500,000 compensation payout from the NRL, around $1.2 million through fundraising efforts and was paid out the final two years of his Knights contract, estimated to be around $500,000.

How did Alex McKinnon become a quadriplegic?

Alex became a quadriplegic after the Newcastle forward was involved in an awkward tackle against Melbourne in 2014 when he was just 22. But his relationship with Teigan stayed strong and the couple now have three children, with the twins joining their two-and-a-half-year-old sister Harriett.

What happened to Kurt Drysdale?

Kurt Drysdale, a promising footballer rendered a quadriplegic after a horrific spinal injury five years ago, has started legal action against NSW Rugby League. Drysdale was a rising hooker for Cronulla with ambitions of playing in the NRL until a catastrophic injury left him paralysed from the neck down.

What is a quadriplegic patient?

Quadriplegia, also known as tetraplegia, is a form of paralysis that affects all four limbs, plus the torso (“quad” originates from the Latin word for four). Most people with tetraplegia have significant paralysis below the neck, and many are completely unable to move.

Can quadriplegics move their arms?

Sometimes people with quadriplegia can move their arms, but have no control over their hand movements. They cannot grasp things or make other motions which would allow them a little independence. New treatment options have been able to help some of these patients regain hand function.

Can a quadriplegic man have a baby?

While money may be a factor in becoming a father if you’re paralyzed, having children is now a possibility for paralyzed men. Only around 10% of men with spinal cord injuries are able to conceive naturally (if they use erection medication).