Which SRAM Derailleurs Have A Clutch?


Following intense speculation, SRAM have unveiled a clutch-equipped rear derailleur to rival Shimano’s XTR Shadow Plus design. The Type 2 mech, which will be available in both X0 and X9 guise, has a clever mechanism inside its otherwise-standard lower knuckle that combats excess chain movement on rough terrain.

Does SRAM have clutch?

SRAM, which now has 1x versions of all its road groupsets except Red, deploys the Type 2 clutch derailleur (which doesn’t have an on/off switch) to work in conjunction with the single chainring and lack of front mech.

Does SRAM GX derailleur have a clutch?

Leveraging the legendary history of SRAM shifting, the GX 2×11 rear derailleur provides incredible shifting speed and precision. X-ACTUATION™ technology eliminates slop and shifting variation. ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology delivers maximum drivetrain stability-even through the most punishing terrain.

Is SRAM X7 any good?

X7 is ideal for not too technical trails and fairly steep climbs. It does take time to learn which gear you are in but in the long term you as a rider will get used to it. The market took a long time to be convert to 2 x 10 from 3 x 10 a few years back, SRAM did a great job with making it acceptable.

Does SRAM X9 have a clutch?

The SRAM X9 Type 2 Rear Derailleur helps prevent dropped chains and limits chain slap by incorporating a clutch mechanism that controls chain tension and stabilizes the rear derailleur cage. … The clutch comes pre-set from the factory to provide a certain amount of friction inside the derailleur cage pivot.

Should I ride with derailleur clutch on or off?

Clutch on always. It reduces chain drop drastically with very little to no effect on wear. Having a clutch provides better chain retention. There really isn’t a good reason to ever turn the clutch off.

Should Shimano clutch be on or off?

Installation is simple, the only added complication being that you must switch the clutch mechanism to the ‘off” position before tuning your gears. With the clutch off, the lower arm is free to move unrestricted, making it easier to set your cable tension etc. With gear tuning done, flip the lever back to ‘on’.

What’s better SRAM GX or NX?

The NX groupset is a bit more of a budget-minded groupset, offering a crazy price-to-performance ratio. … SRAM’s GX groupset is focused more on higher-end customers who are looking to pay more to save some weight on their bike, and they also offer a bit more performance than the budget-oriented NX groupset.

What is chain slap?

When it comes to noise, one you cannot miss is chain slap, down every rough downhill section or off every drop your chain makes a right racket slapping up and down against your swingarm.

What is a clutch mech?

Clutch rear derailleurs are increasingly common on mountain bike drivetrains. The ‘clutch’ feature ensures tension is retained in the derailleur throughout its movement. … A clutch mechanism helps the chain to stay much more taught, and therefore increases chain security.


Is there an 8 speed derailleur with a clutch?

There are no 8 speed derailluers with a clutch. You need to go to 9 speed x7(? I think) SRAM, 10 Speed Shimano Shadow+, or I believe Microshift just came out with a 9 speed derailluer with a clutch.

Do bicycles have clutches?

And most bicycles do have a clutch, but it’s an over running clutch, so the momentum of the bicycle doesn’t propel the pedals if you stop pedaling, which can be dangerous if you get your clothes stuck in the sprocket, or something else goes wrong and you need to stop pedaling.

Does the Shimano Deore have a clutch?

Shimano is back in the game again with its latest 12-speed drivetrains from Deore up to XTR. … Shimano’s derailleur clutch maintains chain tension and prevents the chain from bouncing around and coming off.

Do derailleurs wear out?

Derailleurs will last almost indefinitely. The jockey wheels will wear out in time (tens of thousands of km) but the rest of the mechanism shouldn’t see significant wear.

What does a clutch do on a bike?

The basic job of the clutch is to temporarily disconnect the engine from the transmission and drivetrain system which drives the rear wheel. Unless that happens, it is nearly impossible to mate an idling engine with the transmission and move a geared motorcycle, which is at a standstill, forwards.

Does SRAM X7 have a clutch?

With the new X7 rear derailleur, SRAM brings its clutch-mechanism down to the $89 price point.

How good is SRAM x9?

Our review

It’s chunky, solid and without a hint of flex or sloppiness anywhere – good portents for accurate shifting. Strong return springs in the arm and the parallelogram keep the chain tensioned over the rough stuff, and ensure lightning fast rear shifting right across modern wide-ratio 12-36T rear cassettes.

How does SRAM roller bearing clutch work?

Inside the Type 2 cage pivot, SRAM uses a one-way roller bearing clutch—it rotates freely in one direction but not the other. This bearing sits inside a conical nylon bush and the knocking noise emanates from this area.

What is SRAM cage lock?

Cage Lock Technology. The first rear derailleur of its kind, SRAM TYPE 2 lets you push your cage forward and lock it into place with the push of a button. This creates slack, removing all tension from the chain.

Does SRAM Apex have clutch?

SRAM’s Apex® 1 drivetrain provides the gear range and the shifting simplicity to let you simply go where you want. The Apex 1 rear derailleur makes that gearing choice a reality with clean, crisp shifts, thanks to SRAM’s X-HORIZON™ geometry and our ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™. Just go: Apex 1 will get you there.

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