Where Is YSN Flow Signed?


Kamron Ford (born January 17, 2004), known professionally as YSN Flow, is an American rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. He is best known for his song “Want Beef?”, which has amassed over 5 million plays on both Spotify and SoundCloud, and over 10 million views on YouTube, all within just a few months.

How much did YSN flow sell first week?

His ultimate goals include taking home that Grammy, while taking care of himself, his family, and his friends. Earlier this year, he released his debut mixtape titled Flow $ZN which sold 21K in its first week alone… and he’s already onto the next one.

How did YSN flow get famous?

Sixteen-year-old rapper YSN Flow took advantage of the changing landscape, and has benefitted with his song “Want Beef” featuring BaeBae Savo accumulating nearly 17 million Spotify streams to date. … He actually made the song when he was 14, recording it in his closet and using a mitten as a pop filter.

What state did YSN Flow?

YSN Flow is 16 years old and already declaring his place in the rap game. Hailing from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, born Kamron Ford could care less about what most teenagers enjoy, he’s focused on becoming one of the greatest to ever do it.

How old is Melvoni?

Melvoni is only 17 years old and ready to take over the rap game.


How much is YSN flows net worth?

Here’s the inspiring story behind YSN Flow net worth

Kamron Ford, more popularly known as YSN Flow is a rap artist worth $1 million.

When did flow SZN come out?

The Cleveland teen dropped his mixtape Flow $ZN tonight (April 10).

How old is juice WRLD now?

Juice WRLD was born on 2 December 1998. Juice WRLD died on 8 December 2019 at the age of 21 years.

Is Melvoni Lil TJAY’s brother?

Enter Melvoni. The rising 17-year-old Jamaican American rapper from Flatbush has slowly made a name for himself by drawing on his rough childhood to create some raw music. Growing up alongside his older brother, hip-hop star Lil Tjay, Melvoni said his family didn’t have much.

Where did Lil Tjay go to school?

Lil Tjay attended Bronx Dance Academy in The Bronx. In middle school, Lil Tjay began to get into fights.

How many siblings does Lil Tjay have?

He was raised by a single mother and had two younger siblings in what was described as a “roomy” apartment.