Where Is The Relic In Braindance?


Relic is an interface and component of Arasaka’s experimental, flagship project publicly known as “Secure Your Soul.” It uses the concept of personality transferal by converting the data in the human nervous system into a digitized engram and stored as a construct on the Relic biochip.

Where is the relic in Yorinobus apartment?

To find the Relic location, you want to be watching around one third into the sequence. This is when Yorinobu is one the phone at the far side of the apartment. Switch to the thermal layer, and make sure you are in a free-cam mode. Now look at the far corner of the apartment.

Does the relic malfunction go away Cyberpunk 2077?

What’s important is that the damage has no effect on further gameplay – your character’s stats will remain unchanged and they won’t take any damage. In some cases, the image distortion won’t automatically disappear. This is a bug in Cyberpunk 2077.

What triggers relic malfunction cyberpunk?

The “Relic Malfunction Detected” message will appear after the mission “The Heist.” This is when you install the chip Johnny is on, but after you do, your own relics begin to fail. This message means that you are basically slowly dying, and there is nothing you can do about the chip you have installed.

What can you do with relic malfunction cyberpunk?

If you get ‘Relic Malfunction Detected’ message while playing Cyberpunk 2077 then you must know that you are going to die soon. This message merely helps you to have a dialogue with Johnny throughout the game.

Should Dex betray?

If you choose to tell Dex that Evelyn is looking to betray him; he will obviously be a bit annoyed by this. But, he will reward you with an increase of 40% in your pay. If you choose not to tell him about the plan, nothing will happen.

Should you cut out Dex in cyberpunk?

Cutting Dex out will apparently result in a 50 percent pay increase during the proposed heist. The problem is that Dex is (seemingly) your friend and he even promises to give you a higher cut if you opt to tell him about Evelyn.

How old is Johnny silverhand?

Johnny Silverhand’s real name is Robert John Linder — born on November 16, 1988. This technically makes him 89 years old around the events of Cyberpunk 2077. Robert John Linder changed his name to Johnny Silverhand when he returned to Night City after the war.

How many endings will Cyberpunk 2077 have?

Cyberpunk 2077 has a total of five endings—including the secret ending—though several of these can have different outcomes, depending on another decision you make as they play out.

How many attributes do you get in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 Attributes cap

You’ll no doubt have learnt that with each new character level, you’ll gain an attribute point which you can use to increase one of your five attributes: Body, Reflexes, Technical Ability, Intelligence, and Cool.

Why did Evelyn Parker want the relic?

Evelyn realized that the Voodoo Boys were after a biochip known as the Relic which contained Johnny Silverhand’s engram and was in Yorinobu’s possession. And so she decided to steal it for her own profit and contacted NetWatch, offering to give it to them in exchange for money, protection, and a new identity.

Who know what you might find cyberpunk?

Who is Garry the Prophet? Garry the Prophet is a conspiracy theorist that can be found to the right of Misty’s Esoterica in Little China, Watson. He’s actually an easter egg in Cyberpunk 2077, as he’s modeled after Twitch streamer Cohh Carnage.


Is there going to be DLC for Cyberpunk 2077?

CD Projekt Red has announced the first Cyberpunk 2077 DLC. Revealed during a live stream on Tuesday, the content will include free cosmetic items set to be introduced as part of the game’s 1.3 patch, which will be released “really soon”.

How do I switch to audio layer on Cyberpunk 2077?

In the editor, you can hit the “switch layer” button (it will be detailed in the bottom right of the screen, along with all the other controls for the Editor) to jump between these three layers. Yellow is visual, green is audio, and blue is thermal.

Should I remove the virus from the chip cyberpunk?

If you remove the virus, you can get the chip to the Maelstrom Leader without having his guys blow up. However, knowledge of the virus is enough, you don’t have to remove it. If you tell him about the virus he will remove it himself and you can take the bot without having to fight him or his goons.

Do you screw over Dex or not?

While screwing over Dex is risky, there are plenty of other fixers in town who would do the same to you. At the time, you have a chance to say either “I’ll think about it” or “No way, Dex trusts me”.

What happens if you don’t give Dex the relic?

The Outcome of Siding With Dex or Evelyn

Without giving anything major away, it doesn’t seem to matter which party V chooses to side with. Because of the way the events of the heist go down, V and Jackie won’t get paid, and Dex will stab V in the back regardless, likely for more money in his pocket.

Is TBUG dead cyberpunk?

T-Bug is killed during the heist of Konpeki Plaza after Yorinobu Arasaka has the hotel placed on lockdown due to the death of his father, Saburo. Arasaka cybersecurity then quickly detects T-Bug and remotely fries her brain. Her body is found in her apartment.

Should I screw over Dex Cyberpunk 2077?

Should You Side With Dex or Evelyn in Cyberpunk 2077? We’ll just cut to the chase. This choice does not matter. It could affect some things later down the line, but we haven’t spotted any meaningful consequences in our time with the game.

Can Evelyn survive cyberpunk?

Evelyn Parker kills herself in Cyberpunk 2077 because of the trauma she endures, and it is not possible for V to save her regardless of any choices. However, while you cannot rescue her from the death that was written in the script, you can enact revenge by completing Judy’s side jobs.

Why is Johnny on the relic cyberpunk?

Johnny was in the chip because he was expendable and he was being used to see if the chip would fully work, think everyone else in mikoshi was a paying customer and so they wouldn’t be used. Johnny was an expendable prisoner who they didn’t care about so it didn’t matter if anything went wrong with it.

Can you date Judy in cyberpunk?

To romance Judy in Cyberpunk 2077, you first need to meet a number of requirements. The first is both your body type (and likely also your voice tone) must be feminine. You make this choice when you create your character at the start of the game and, if you select male instead, you’ll be unable to romance Judy.

What happened to Evelyn in cyberpunk?

She was cremated and interred at a place called the Columbarium, located in the Westbrook District. Evelyn’s epitaph reads “She died valiantly fighting the system.”