What Was The Purpose Of The Encomendero?


The encomienda system allowed the Conquistadors to get rewarded for their role in conquering New Spain. It also was a good way of extracting wealth from the land. It hurt the Spanish overall, to some extent, by making it harder to attract lots of Spanish to colonize.

What does it mean to have someone in encomienda?

Freebase. Encomienda. The encomienda was a legal system that was employed mainly by the Spanish crown during the Spanish colonization of the Americas to regulate Native American labor. In the encomienda, the Spanish crown granted a person a specified number of natives for whom they were to take responsibility.

What benefits did the Spanish government get from the encomienda system?

The encomienda system (in theory) was a feudal-like system where Spaniards would offer protection and education to the native populations in exchange for labor and money/gifts. It was beneficial to the Spanish because they were able to extract labor at no cost.

Who ended the Encomienda system?

End of the Encomienda System

The Spanish crown still steadfastly refused to grant encomiendas in perpetuity, however, so slowly these lands reverted to the crown. Some of the encomenderos managed to secure title-deeds to certain lands: unlike the encomiendas, these could be passed down from one generation to the next.

What were the effects of the Encomienda system?

Cause & Effect: The cause of the Encomienda system was the Spanish crown offering land and Indian slaves to conquistadors going to the new world. The effect was heavy depopulation of Indians from brutality and disease leading into African slaves becoming a new labor force.

What is the meaning of Encomendero?

: the holder of an encomienda.

What does encomienda mean in English?

As legally defined in 1503, an encomienda (from Spanish encomendar, “to entrust”) consisted of a grant by the crown to a conquistador, a soldier, an official, or others of a specified number of “Indios” (Native Americans and, later, Filipinos) living in a particular area. …

Why did African slavery replace the Encomienda system?

What replaced the Encomienda System? It was gradually replaced by African slave labor because Africans were more immune to European diseases than Natives.

What is bandala system?

Bandala System: A form of direct taxes that the. Spaniards implemented in which the natives were coerced to sell their products to the government at very low prices.

What is the difference between the encomienda system and the hacienda system?

Haciendas were developed as profit-making, economic enterprises linked to regional or international markets. … Encomenderos were in a position to retain their prominence economically via the hacienda. Since the encomienda was a grant from the crown, holders were dependent on the crown for its continuation.

What is encomienda in Tagalog?

Translation for word Encomienda in Tagalog is : dokumentasyon.

How were the Spanish and Portuguese colonies similar?

Terms in this set (21) They both tried to convert people to Christianity. They both traded and enslaved natives. They relied on trade and slavery. Different: Spain’s empire had mineral wealth while Portugal relied on agriculture and cattle.


What were the long term consequences of Spain abolished the encomienda system?

the long term consequence of this action was that the United States once again belonged to its original inhabitants for the next 12 years. what was the long term consequence of the Spanish abolishing the encomienda system? the buying and selling of Africans for work in the americas.

For what primary purpose did the Spanish enslave many American Indians?

For what primary purpose did the Spanish enslave many American Indians *? to build ships and grow tobacco. to work in mines and grow sugar.

Why is it called the Black Legend?

Black Legend, Spanish Leyenda Negra, term indicating an unfavourable image of Spain and Spaniards, accusing them of cruelty and intolerance, formerly prevalent in the works of many non-Spanish, and especially Protestant, historians.

What does Encomienda mean in history?

: an estate of land and the inhabiting American Indians formerly granted to Spanish colonists or adventurers in America for purposes of tribute and evangelization — compare repartimiento.

What mission means?

1 : a task that is assigned or begun. 2 : a task that is regarded as a very important duty She thinks of teaching as her mission. 3 : a group of missionaries. 4 : a group of people sent by a government to represent it in a foreign country. 5 : a place where the work of missionaries is carried on.

Who was the first encomendero?

Francisco Hernández Girón was a Spanish encomendero in the Viceroyalty of Peru who protested the New Laws in 1553. These laws, passed in 1542, gave certain rights to indigenous peoples and protected them against abuses.

What does doppelgänger mean in English?

doppelgänger • DAH-pul-gang-er • noun. 1 : a ghostly counterpart of a living person 2 a : a person who closely resembles another living person b : the opposite side of a personality : alter ego c : a person who has the same name as another.

What is the meaning of Indio in Tagalog?

The Malayan, native born inhabitants of the Philippine islands were called “indio” or “indigenta.” This class or group occupied the lowest level in a highly stratified class society. At the highest level were the “peninsular” who were of Spanish parentage and born in Spain.

What are the three types of Encomienda?

3 type of Encomienda exist:

  • The Royal Encomiendas, belonging to the King,
  • the Ecclesiastical Encomiendas, belonging to the Church,
  • Privado belonging to private individuals.

What will be the long term impact of the encomienda system in the Americas be?

The intent of the encomienda system is to control and regulate American Indian labor and behavior. There were negative effects because the natives were treated badly. I think that the long term impact of the encomienda system in the Americas will be that it makes it harder to attract Spanish to colonize.

What was the real motivation behind the encomienda system?

What was the real motivation behind the Encomienda system? To promote peaceful relations between the native peoples and the European explorers.