What Team Did Ronnie Lott Go Into The Hall Of Fame As?


In 2002, he was inducted as one of 15 new members (I-A class) of the College Football Hall of Fame. He was also a 1995 inductee to the USC Athletic Hall of Fame. Upon entering USC Lott, and fellow teammate and future NFL star Marcus Allen, were both considered for the tailback and safety positions.

Why did Ronnie Lott have his finger amputated?

Ronnie Lott was one of those guys. All the proof you need is that he once amputated his pinky because he wanted to avoid missing games. The former San Francisco 49ers safety broke his left pinky finger trying to tackle running back Timmy Newsome in a game against the Dallas Cowboys in December of 1985.

Is Ronnie Lott the best safety ever?

Many football fans consider Ronnie Lott the greatest safety to play in the NFL. … Lott earned 10 Pro Bowl appearances, six First-Team All-Pro honors and won four Super Bowls as a member of the 49ers. He recorded 63 career interceptions and is among the most intimidating defenders in league history.

What Vikings player lost a finger?

Vikings long snapper Kevin McDermott lost part of his pinkie finger after it got caught in a helmet on Thursday night and then returned to the game.

How many picks did Ronnie Lott have?

During his career with the 49ers (1981-1990), Los Angeles Raiders (1991-1992), and the New York Jets (1993-1994) Lott recorded 63 career interceptions and twice led the league.

Did Jack Youngblood play with a broken leg?

More than 40 years later, it remains one of the grittiest, gutsiest performances in NFL history. Hall of Fame defensive end Jack Youngblood played Super Bowl XIV in January 1980 with a fractured left fibula. “I did have a way of controlling the pain aspect,” the Rams legend said on The DA Show.

How old is Jerry Rice the football player?

Jerry Lee Rice Sr. (born October 13, 1962) is an American former professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for 20 seasons, primarily with the San Francisco 49ers.

Who is the hardest hitting safety of all time?

Ronnie Lott


Lott is considered to be one of the hardest hitters to ever play the position. He’s a 10-time Pro Bowl selection, member of the NFL 75 Anniversary All-Time Team and finsihed his Hall of Fame career with 63 interceptions.

Who is the best RB of all time?

Top 10 running backs of all time

  1. Walter Payton. Teams: Chicago Bears.
  2. Jim Brown. Team: Cleveland Browns. …
  3. Emmitt Smith. Teams: Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals. …
  4. Adrian Peterson. …
  5. LaDainian Tomlinson. …
  6. Eric Dickerson. …
  7. Gale Sayers. …
  8. Barry Sanders. …

Which safety has the most interceptions?

Paul Krause

Neither Rod Woodson, Ronnie Lott or Deion Sanders have the most interceptions all-time. That distinction goes to one Mr. Paul Krause. Krause intercepted 81 passes in his career with the Redskins and Vikings, 12 of which came in a breakout rookie campaign of 1964.

What NFL player lost his finger to fireworks?

Unfortunately, tomorrow someone will be injured playing with fireworks,” Pierre-Paul continued. Pierre-Paul, who was playing with the New York Giants at the time of the accident, underwent multiple surgeries and had his right index finger amputated as a result of the explosion.

Why did Ronnie Lott move to safety?

Lott switched to the safety position in 1985. He had the end of his left pinky finger removed after the 1985 season because it was crushed while playing. A 1986 injury made him not play that season’s last two games. He still had 10 interceptions.

How did Jason Pierre-Paul lose his fingers?

Pierre-Paul had two major injuries, and each probably should have ended his career. Most NFL fans know about the fireworks accident in 2015 that led to him losing part of his right hand.