What Is Deeply Ingrained Mean?


1 : forming a part of the essence or inmost being : deep-seated ingrained prejudice. 2 : worked into the grain or fiber.

What is the word for deep rooted?

deep-seated, deep, profound, fundamental, basic. well established, established, settled, firm, ingrained, entrenched, unshakeable, irremovable, ineradicable, dyed-in-the-wool, inveterate, built-in, inbuilt, radical, secure. persistent, long-lasting, abiding, lingering.

What is the synonym of ingrained?

Some common synonyms of ingrain are imbue, infuse, inoculate, leaven, and suffuse. While all these words mean “to introduce one thing into another so as to affect it throughout,” ingrain, used only in the passive or past participle, suggests the deep implanting of a quality or trait. clung to ingrained habits.

How do you use ingrained?

Ingrained in a Sentence ?

  1. Being right-handed was ingrained in me so that it was very difficult to write with my left hand.
  2. My morning routine was ingrained in me so much so that if I missed a step, it threw off my entire day.

Are deep seated?

Deep-seated means “firmly established,” as in “deep-seated resentment,” but it also has an earlier literal meaning of “situated far below the surface.” It is from that meaning the figurative use of the word developed.

How do you use deep root in a sentence?

Deep-rooted sentence example

  1. When he displays affection, it is a deep-rooted affection. …
  2. As a consequence, deep-rooted discontent rapidly arose. …
  3. It can be harder to communicate when problems have become more deep-rooted.

Is deep-rooted one word?

deeply rooted; firmly implanted or established: a deep-rooted patriotism; deep-rooted suspicions.

What is the synonym of rooted?

In this page you can discover 56 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rooted, like: settled, encouraged, based, founded, planted, fixed, embedded, implanted, firm, established and cheered.

How does something become ingrained?

The definition of ingrained is a firmly and deeply belief or idea, or something worked into the fiber. … When you are raised as a strict Catholic and you continue to embrace and diligently support those beliefs as you get older, this is an example of an ingrained lesson.

How do you use ingrained in a sentence?

Ingrained sentence example

  1. She wanted to wake up with his scent ingrained in her skin. …
  2. Pain and sin must have been reduced to a minimum by God; though they are so ingrained in the finite that we have to make up our minds even to the endless sin and endless punishments of hell.

What ingrained habits?

Ingrained habits and beliefs are difficult to change or remove. Morals tend to be deeply ingrained. From ingrained habit he paused to straighten up the bed. Synonyms: fixed, rooted, deep-seated, fundamental More Synonyms of ingrained.


What is a meteoric?

1a : of or relating to a meteor. b : resembling a meteor in speed or in sudden and temporary brilliance a meteoric rise to fame. 2 : of, relating to, or derived from the earth’s atmosphere meteoric water. Other Words from meteoric More Example Sentences Learn More About meteoric.

What does Difer mean?

transitive verb. 1 : put off, delay. 2 : to postpone induction of (a person) into military service. defer. verb (2)

What does ingratiate mean?

1 : intended or adopted in order to gain favor : flattering. 2 : capable of winning favor : pleasing an ingratiating smile. Other Words from ingratiating Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About ingratiating.

What are deep-rooted issues?

a deep-rooted feeling, belief, idea etc is strong and you have had it for so long that it is difficult to change. a deep-rooted fear of spiders. Synonyms and related words.

Is it deeply rooted or deep-rooted?

The correct way to write these compound adjectives is always with a hyphen: deep-rooted, deeply-rooted, blonde-haired, long-nosed etc.

When the root is deep meaning?

I saw this quote online a few days ago, and couldn’t help but think that it related so beautifully to attachment. It so concisely explains everything we try to do for attachment and exactly why we do it.

Why are arteries deep seated in our body?

Arteries perform the critical function of carrying oxygenated blood throughout the body. The blood in the arteries flow under considerable pressure, hence, any damage to these vessels would result in immediate blood loss (exsanguination). … Therefore, arteries are deep-seated to prevent any damage from occurring.

What is meaning of deep seated?

: existing for a long time and very difficult to change : firmly established.

What is deep seated infection?

Deep seated infection was defined as: endocarditis, epidural abscess, pneumonia, psoas abscess, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, or cardiac device infection.

Is ingrained in me correct?

The spelling “ingrained” is usually preferred in the English speaking world, but engrained is still an accepted variant in literature and other media rather than just a bad spelling. The instances of the “engrained” spelling are far more common in America than anywhere else in the world.

Is it ingrained or engrained?

Ingrain is a verb that means to impress something deeply or permanently. Engrain is an alternative spelling, but it is not as common and not as widely recognized.