What Is Considered The Imperial Valley?



  • Brawley.
  • Calexico.
  • Calipatria.
  • El Centro (county seat)
  • Holtville.
  • Imperial.
  • Westmorland.

Where is the Imperial Valley Why is it important to the American economy?

Wedged in the southeast corner of the state, between the Mexico border and the Colorado River, the valley has depended heavily on agriculture ever since the Imperial Land Co. helped to bring large-scale irrigation in the early 1900s and transformed a barren desert into abundant farmland.

How was Imperial CA started?

Imperial was created by the Imperial Land Company and was named by George Chaffey. … Imperial through the years became the location for the home of the Imperial Irrigation District, the California Mid-Winter Fair and the Imperial County airport. Also several businesses were established in the city.

What lives in the Salton Sea?

Common species of mammals found on the refuge include: desert cottontail, Merriam’s kangaroo rat, muskrat, raccoon, valley pocket gopher, striped skunk, coyote, bobcat, round-tailed ground squirrel, desert pocket mouse and various bat species.

Why is the Imperial Valley so fertile?

This desert does not consist of barren sand but, on the contrary, of very fertile clay which cannot be cultivated on account of a total lack of water. Hence, the area could be converted into a fertile plain if only water could be supplied. The area contains about 500,000 acres of such soil.

How did the Imperial Valley get cut off from the Gulf of California?

This valley, also known as the Salton Sink, the Salton Basin, and the Salton Trough, is actually an extension of the Gulf of California, cut off from the Gulf by the Colorado River’s delta fan.

What is grown in El Centro California?

The El Centro area has many farming plots, where carrots, lettuce, and other crops are produced, and therefore the El Centro economy is subject to seasonal variations like other farming areas. Between November and March in winter periods, El Centro-area farmers harvest lettuce for $8–10 per hour.

How many cities are there in Imperial Valley?

Imperial County is home to approximately 180,000 residents which live and work within its seven cities (Brawley, Calexico, Calipatria, El Centro, Holtville, Imperial and Westmorland) and eight unincorporated communities (Bombay Beach, Heber, Niland, Ocotillo, Palo Verde, Salton City, Seeley and Winterhaven).

What state is Slab City in?

The land Slab City is on is owned and managed by the state of California. Camp Dunlap, the former World War II base that left the concrete “slabs” that form the foundation of Slab City, was given back to the state in 1961 and subsequently dismantled.

Where are Imperial Valley crops shipped?

The drought effects California in its entirely, but with the water the Imperial Valley receives from the Colorado River, they supply farmers up north with much needed feed for their beef cattle and dairies. Much of the hay produced is shipped to Central Valley and Northern California.

What gulf separates Baja California from the rest of Mexico?

Gulf of California, also called Sea of Cortez, Spanish Golfo de California, or Mar de Cortés, large inlet of the eastern Pacific Ocean along the northwestern coast of Mexico. It is enclosed by the Mexican mainland to the east and by the mountainous peninsula of Baja California to the west.


What happened to the Salton Sea?

Two major forces affecting the lake’s health are its loss in water level and the sharp increase in salinity, which is twice as high as the ocean. Since 2000, the Salton Sea’s surface elevation has dropped more than 10 feet, and more than 15,000 net acres of dry lakebed, known as playa, have been exposed.

Is Colorado a desert?

When most people think “Colorado”, they’re thinking enormous mountains, ski hills, and lush forests. The OutThere Colorado team prepares for sandboarding. … The sand dunes cover over 40,000 acres with another 40,000 of protected land surrounding the dunes.

Where does Imperial Valley get its water?

The Imperial Valley depends solely on the Colorado River for surface water supply. IID imports raw water from the Colorado River and distributes it primarily for agricultural use.

What do they grow in Imperial County?

The main vegetables grown in Imperial County are iceberg lettuce, leaf lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cantaloupes, honeydews, dry bulb onions, processor onions, carrots, sweet corn, spinach, spring mix and watermelons. Vegetable production requires large economic inputs when compared to traditional agronomic crops.

How was the Salton Sea formed?

Although large seas have cyclically formed and dried over historic time in the basin due to natural flooding from the Colorado River, the current Salton Sea was formed when Colorado River floodwater breached an irrigation canal being constructed in the Imperial Valley in 1905 and flowed into the Salton Sink.

Is Salton Sea safe to swim in?

The California State Water Resources Control Board today urged people and their pets to avoid the water in the Salton Sea due to a toxic algae outbreak. … As a precaution, visitors were urged not to swim in the water, or let their pets enter the water, or eat algal mats scattered about the shore line.

Does the Salton Sea smell?

The Salton Sea can stink at times because of the organic matter, like dead fish rotting on the lake floor. Michael Cohen, a longtime Salton Sea researcher at the water think tank “Pacific Institute,” says a lot of ecological activity happens in these waters — just not the kind we might like.

Is Salton Sea toxic?

Why is the Salton Sea so polluted? The Salton Sea has been effectively destroyed by human activity. … Sadly, the Salton Sea also contains incredible amounts of contaminants. The mud is laced with toxic chemicals such as chromium, zinc, lead, and pesticides like DDT.

Is Imperial California Safe?

Imperial is a small town connected to a couple of other small towns. It is considered also one of the safest towns in California. The community here is very friendly and quiet.

Why is the Imperial Valley a desert?

Its hot desert climate is characterized by daily temperature extremes. It was once part of the Gulf of California, from which it was cut off by the damlike deposits of the Colorado River Delta Fan. … Imperial Valley, southern California.