What Does Sameness Mean In The Giver?


Some of the advantages of Sameness in The Giver include stability, safety, and economic productivity. The ruling Committee of Elders requires each citizen to conform to society’s standards and creates a completely safe, comfortable environment where everyone plays a specific role.

What is the purpose of sameness?

The principle essentially involves a system of covert oppression in which citizens are indoctrinated into believing that they are all the same and, therefore, equal. The purpose is to establish, through conformity, a peaceful and stable civilization that is free from all man’s iniquities.

Why sameness is bad The Giver?

Sameness is the concept that everyone gives up choices and feelings. The main disadvantage of Sameness is that the community commits terrible atrocities in the name of sameness. Anyone who does not fit in is killed. An example of this is the newchild who is born a twin.

Is sameness ever OK?

Overall, Sameness has its positive and negative qualities. One must acknowledge that life with Sameness is safe and relatively comfortable, but is definitely not exciting or fun. Many people would rather enjoy their personal freedoms and risk their health instead of being forced to conform to society’s standards.

What did sameness get rid of?

gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others. Thus, sameness enables a certain level of control for the community, people are able to maintain stability and tranquility through it. However, they got rid of sunshine, and with it, beauty.

Why does the community enforce sameness?

On a deeper level, the Giver explains that Sameness protects people from the consequences of making wrong choices by removing choice altogether. The lack of choice makes life predictable and safe.

What sameness means?

1 : the quality or state of being the same : identity, similarity. 2 : monotony, uniformity. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About sameness.

Why does the community value sameness?

Why does the community in The Giver favor “Sameness”? The community that Jonas grows up in has for a long time adhered to an ideal known as “Sameness” in order to limit the amount of pain and suffering that members of the community experience.

Is sameness good or bad in the giver?

Having Sameness is more of a disadvantage than because no one would have the freedom of choice and life is going to be dull for them. When everything is the same within the community, Sameness is more of a disadvantage than an advantage because no one would have freedom of choice.

What are the pros and cons of Jonas community?

The advantages of living in the community from Lois Lowry’s The Giver include experiencing a routine, structured lifestyle in a safe, comfortable environment. The community is stable, efficient, and organized. The disadvantages include a lack of individuality and personal choice.

What are the advantages of living in a society of sameness?

The advantages of living in a society of sameness would be that there would be less stress. Ideally there would be no poverty, no unemployment, no upper, middle, or lower class. Everyone would have health-care, a home, enough to eat, and the same education.

What are 3 examples of sameness in the giver?

Here are some examples of sameness: There are no hills; the land is completely flat. The citizens don’t see in color, only in black and white. There is no weather.


How did sameness shaped the community?

In The Giver, Sameness is the ideology under which Jonas’s community operates. It is believed that the the community will be peaceful and stable through conformity, so the leaders enforce conformity through various means, such as causing all citizens to dress the same and have similar physical features.

What dream did Jonas keep having?

What dream did Jonas continue having? The dream of him seeing red apples. He is riding down a hill on a sled.

What is the difference between equality and sameness?

Equality is not by itself a normative concept; it simply means sameness with respect to a property, whereas identity is sameness with respect to all properties. As Hein Retter points out “equity” is a legal concept that is a normative notion of fairness that has value as a ground for a legal dispute.

What is it called when you think deeply?

Verb. To consider or give serious or careful thought to. meditate. contemplate.

Is Saneness a word?

A healthy mental state: lucidity, lucidness, mind, reason, sanity, sense (often used in plural), soundness, wit (used in plural).

What are some of the consequences of sameness on people’s lives in this community?

Expert Answers

The Sameness establishes a uniformity for everything. It’s trying to make everything more or less equal, and that will hopefully eliminate discomfort, anger, unhappiness, etc. in society. The people also give up a fair amount of free will…

Why did Jonas stop taking his pills in The Giver?

Jonas stops taking the pills just so he can experience the sensation of wanting something, not because he has hopes to start a sexual relationship with another person. He wants to feel capable of making choices, and he wants to want things—nothing will change if he does not want it to very badly.

What did it mean to get released from the community?

Release is the term used when members of the Community (from the book The Giver) are sentenced to leave (actually, sentenced to death by lethal injection). … In reality, the people being released are injected with a lethal injection of CYANIDE CHEMICAL, and their bodies are thrown away.

What does Jonas think of sameness?

What is Jonas’ opinion on Sameness? Jonas thinks the community should not have given up color for sameness (Lowry 91). Jonas also thinks if people were given choices they could make bad ones (Lowry 93). Sameness is safer.

Why does Jonas apologize to Fiona?

The receiver tells Jonas to call him the giver. Why does Jonas apologize to Fiona? Jonas apologizes to Fiona for making her wait for him to ride home.

Why is Lily skeptical of Jonas’s story about the elephants?

Why is Lily skeptical of Jonas’s story about the elephants? She is afraid of elephants, so she thinks Jonas is just trying to scare her. Jonas is a pathological liar. Lily has been raised to think that elephants are imaginary creatures.