What Does Plummeting Mean?


Plummet is defined as to fall down quickly and suddenly. An example of plummet is for a model airplane to quickly plunge from the sky. To fall straight down; plunge.

What is a sentence for plummeting?

Without warning, he dropped straight down, plummeting toward the ground far below. The film is a cumbersome, wayward commercial endeavor that goes over like a lead balloon before plummeting into insignificance.

What does it mean when something becomes standard?

In essence, a standard is an agreed way of doing something. It could be about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials – standards can cover a huge range of activities undertaken by organizations and used by their customers. … Standards are knowledge.

What does fiercely loyal mean?

adjective. Someone who is loyal remains firm in their friendship or support for a person or thing. loyally adverb

What does standed mean?

(nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of stand.

What is another name for stimulus?


1 incitement, enticement, motive, provocation.

What is mean by alighted?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to come down from something (such as a vehicle): such as. a : dismount They alighted from the bus.

What is another word for proliferation?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for proliferation, like: increase, amplification, breeding, conception, accretion, generation, buildup, enlargement, reproduction, multiplication and aggrandizement.

What is a sentence for pulverize?

Examples of pulverize in a Sentence

The mower pulverizes grass clippings. Bits of pulverized rock filled the air.

What is a plummet used for?

Plummets, or weights, were used to sink a fishing net in the water to catch fish. Native men from southern New England often made the tools with which they worked, including their own hemp nets. For Native American groups living along river valleys and coastal areas, fish were a critical component of their diet.

What does it mean to stimulate someone?

: to make (something) more active : to cause or encourage (something) to happen or develop. : to make (a person) excited or interested in something. See the full definition for stimulate in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is meant by eccentricity?

1a : the quality or state of being eccentric. b : deviation from an established pattern or norm especially : odd or whimsical behavior. 2a : a mathematical constant that for a given conic section is the ratio of the distances from any point of the conic section to a focus and the corresponding directrix.


What is a sidled?

/ˈsaɪ.dəl/ to walk towards or away from someone, trying not to be noticed: Tim sidled up/over to the girl sitting at the bar and asked if he could buy her a drink. She sidled past him, pretending that she had not seen him.

What does it mean to be foolhardy?

English Language Learners Definition of foolhardy

: foolishly doing things that are too dangerous or risky. See the full definition for foolhardy in the English Language Learners Dictionary. foolhardy. adjective.

What does alighting only mean?

1. get off, descend, get down, disembark, dismount Two men alighted from the vehicle.

What is the meaning of alighting point?

The word alight has two distinct meanings: it can mean coming down or settling in a delicate manner, such as a bird perching, or it can be a rather poetic way to describe something that’s on fire (or “afire”).

How do you spell a lot?

Alot is a common misspelling of a lot. A lot should always be spelled as two words. The meaning of a lot depends on the context.

What are stimulus words?

: a word to which the subject reacts (as in an association test)

What is a stimulus example?

Stimulus: any change in an organism’s environment that causes the organism to react. It is a fancy way of saying “cause”. Example: An animal is cold so it moves into the sun.

What is a stimulus easy definition?

A stimulus is anything that can trigger a physical or behavioral change. The plural of stimulus is stimuli. Stimuli can be external or internal. An example of external stimuli is your body responding to a medicine. An example of internal stimuli is your vital signs changing due to a change in the body.

Is Stood past or present?

Stood is the past tense and past participle of the verb stand. Stood can mean to be positioned upright (in the past), to not move or budge (in the past), or to believe in something (in the past).

What does you stood me up mean?

to fail to meet someone you had arranged to see: He was supposed to be here at seven, so by seven thirty I began to think that he stood me up.

What is it called to be stranded?

Words related to stranded

helpless, wrecked, aground, ashore, grounded, beached, shipwrecked, sidetracked, sidelined, godforsaken, high and dry, homeless, penniless, cast away, on the rocks, out in left field, passed up.