What Are The Rules For Archibald Prize?


What are the rules for Archibald Prize?

Instructions and conditions

  • Must be a painting.
  • Must be a portrait painted from life, with the subject known to the artist, aware of the artist’s intention and having at least one live sitting with the artist.
  • Must NOT exceed the size limit of 90,000 square cm (eg 3 × 3 m, 1.5 × 6 m).

Can anyone enter the Archibald Prize?

Do I have to be over 18 to enter? No. You can be any age to enter the Archibald, Wynne or Sulman Prizes.

How is the Archibald Prize judged?

The 11 members of the Board of Trustees at the Art Gallery of NSW are the judging panel for the Archibald Prize. The process of eliminating works and choosing the finalists occurs over a number of viewings. The panel sit in a line and the paintings are brought into the room for viewing.

What are the different categories for the Archibald Prize?

The Archibald is awarded to the best portrait painting and the Wynne to the best landscape painting of Australian scenery, or figure sculpture, while the Sulman is given to the best subject painting, genre painting or mural project in oil, acrylic, watercolour or mixed media.

Why is the Archibald Prize controversial?

The prize has attracted a good deal of controversy and several court cases. The most famous was in 1943, when William Dobell’s winning painting, Mr Joshua Smith, a portrait of fellow artist Joshua Smith, was challenged because of claims it was a caricature rather than a portrait.

What is the Archibald People’s Choice award and what do you receive in 2021?

This year, the prize money for the ANZ People’s Choice award is increasing from $3,500 to $5,000 for the winning artist. One person who voted for the People’s Choice award-winning painting was also selected at random to win the People’s Choice voters’ prize.

Why is the Archibald Prize important?

The Archibald Prize is the most important prize for portraits in Australia. … The prize is awarded by the Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales for the best portrait of a person famous in Art, Letters, Science or Politics. The artist must have lived in Australia or New Zealand for at least one year.

Who won the Archibald Prize in 2020?

Archibald prize 2020: Angus McDonald’s portrait of Behrouz Boochani wins people’s choice award. A portrait of Kurdish-Iranian writer and refugee Behrouz Boochani by Angus McDonald has been awarded the 2020 Archibald prize people’s choice award.

Which artist has won the Archibald Prize multiple times?

Ben Quilty, one of Australia’s best known painters, has had his work hung in the Archibald Prize multiple times. In 2011 he won the prize with his portrait of Margret Olley, and this year he is in the Archibald as the subject of Mirra Whale’s portrait, Repose. Quilty chose Portrait of a Lady, 1923, by WB McInnes.

Can the Archibald Prize be a self portrait?

Artists have been the subject of 35 Archibald Prize-winning portraits, including 13 self-portraits. … Although the sitter was initially unnamed, it was revealed to be McInnes’s wife Violet, an artist in her own right who would later enter portraits in the Archibald herself.

How many entrys are in the Archibald Prize 2020?

The 55 finalists for the Archibald, Australia’s most prestigious portrait prize, were revealed last week, after a record 1,068 entries were received. “This is a really special moment for me,” said Namatjira, appearing at the ceremony by videolink from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands in South Australia.


What is the value of the Wynne Prize?

The winner of the Wynne Prize receives payment of $50,000. The winner of the Roberts Family Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Prize receives payment of $10,000.

What is the packing room prize?

13. Singer Kate Ceberano has paid tribute to Sydney artist Kathrin Longhurst for painting her in a fierce and dignified portrait, which has been named the winner of the Archibald Packing Room Prize.

Who won the very first Archibald Prize?

W.B. McInnes’ portrait of Desbrowe Annear (1865–1933) is significant as winner of the first Archibald Prize in 1921.

Who started the Archibald Prize?

A journalist and founder of the Bulletin magazine, Jules François Archibald (1856-1919) established the Archibald Prize with a bequest in his will. Archibald was a trustee of the Art Gallery of NSW from 1915, and in 1919 the Gallery commissioned Florence Rodway to paint a portrait in oil of the ailing man.

What is the meaning of the Archibald Prize?

/ (ˈɑːtʃɪbɔːld) / noun. Australian an annual prize awarded by the Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales since 1921, for outstanding contributions to art, letters, science, and politics.

What painting won the Archibald Prize?

Archibald prize 2021: Peter Wegner wins $100,000 prize for ‘brilliant’ portrait of Guy Warren at 100. Peter Wegner has won Australia’s most prestigious painting prize for his portrait of the artist Guy Warren, who turned 100 in April.

Who were the two first females to win the Archibald Prize?

Nora Heysen was the first woman to win, at age 27 in 1938; she remains the youngest winner. Judy Cassab and Del Kathryn Baron have each won it twice.

What does Agnsw stand for?

The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW), founded as the New South Wales Academy of Art in 1872 and known as the National Art Gallery of New South Wales between 1883 and 1958, is located in the Domain in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

In what year did the Archibald Prize start?

ABOUT. The Archibald Prize is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious art awards. Since its inception in 1921 the prize has been awarded to some of Australia’s most important artists.

Where is the Archibald Prize?

Art Gallery of NSW members can see this for free at the touring venues, just by presenting their current membership card.

Why is the Archibald Prize subject to controversy and debate?

With the Archibald terms stipulating a portrait of a ‘distinguished’ man or woman, the award mostly attracted celebratory portraits of notable Australians. … He was criticised for apparently ignoring the award’s terms specifying the portrayal of a ‘distinguished’ man or woman.

How many females have won the Archibald Prize?

Only 10 women have won the Archibald prize in its 100-year history. In 100 years the prize has been awarded only 17 times to works featuring female sitters. More than 32,000 entries have been received from Australia and New Zealand since the prize began in 1921.

Who will win the Archibald Prize?

Melbourne artist Peter Wegner was announced the winner of the 100th Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) today. Wegner beat 51 other finalists from 938 entries, down slightly from 1,068 entries last year. Wegner won by unanimous decision for his portrait Guy Warren at 100.