As verbs the difference between whack and thwack is that whack is to hit, slap or strike while thwack is to whack or hit with a flat implement. What is thwack hero? Upon using Thwack, Hero will make a large circular area appear in front of him after a shortRead More →

Cutting grass with an electric or battery powered weed trimmer is slightly different from using it to remove weeds. Since you are trying to get an even cut, hold the head even with the ground and make short sweeping motions as you trim. You also want to be careful notRead More →

New Zealand made Paddywack is a pure beef treat that consists of the neck ligament of the cow. The strong elastin is a protein that allows for flexibility, hence excellent as a chew as this makes it very long lasting. It is a100% natural, pure beef, gluten free meat. WhereRead More →