skin changes can affect the whole body. other symptoms can include weight loss, fatigue, and joint pain and stiffness. symptoms come on suddenly and get worse quickly over the first few years, but then the condition normally settles and the skin may gradually improve. Is scleroderma caused by stress? SclerodermaRead More →

Environmental factors may trigger the disease in the susceptible host. For example, silica exposure (as in coal mining or sand blasting) has been associated with systemic scleroderma and certain drugs can cause scleroderma-like reactions. Does stress cause scleroderma? We agree that susceptibility, progression and clinical presentation of scleroderma are influencedRead More →

adjectiveendless, without limit. great. illimitable. immeasurable. immense. What is infinity called in Greek? The Greek word for infinity was apeiron, which literally means unbounded, but can also mean infinite, indefinite, or undefined. Apeiron was a negative, even pejorative, word. The original chaos out of which the world was formed wasRead More →