All-Clad Master Chef 2 9-Piece Cookware Set with Nonstick Fry Pan. Does Gordon Ramsay use HexClad pans? HexClad is The Cookware Gordon Ramsay Uses at Home Gordon says, “I use HexClad pans at home, and they are unique because they combine stainless steel and nonstick functionality. Hybrid technology allows meRead More →

Swindle (2008) Zoobreak (2009) Framed (2010) Showoff (2012) Hideout (2013) Jackpot (2014) Unleashed (2015) Jingle (2016) Is the run a book? Run is a 2007 novel by American author Ann Patchett. It was her first novel after the widely successful Bel Canto (2001). What is Gordon Korman favorite book? SonRead More →

Does Gordon Ramsay have a grandchild? Gordon Ramsay is furious that some people think his youngest child Oscar, one, is not his son, but his grandson. The celebrity chef, 54, is dad to five children he shares with wife Tana Ramsay; daughter Megan, 22, twins Jack and Holly, 20, daughterRead More →

No wonder the thrice-married man has been named ‘London’s rudest chef’. In Gordon’s Ramsay autobiography Humble Pie, he portrays Marco as a tyrannical boss. Gordon once shed tears after Marco hurled some sauces at him, but Marco demurs: “He made himself cry — it was his choice. Who is theRead More →

Gordon and Tana Ramsay’s son even has his own Instagram account! … The Hell’s Kitchen chef welcomed his fifth child, Oscar, with wife Tana in April, and the baby boy is not only growing up quickly, but is looking more and more like his famous dad. Who is the bestRead More →