Is There A Shortage Of Evorel Sequi Patches?


The only alternative patches to Evorel Conti patches are FemSeven Conti patches. FemSeven Conti has been out of stock throughout 2020 with stock expected in second-quarter 4 of 2020. FemSeven Conti patches contain a combination of estradiol and levonorgestrel (a different progestogen component).

Why are HRT patches out of stock?

The Evorel range of oestrogen-only HRT patches suffered shortages at the end of last year. Manufacturer Janssen said this was because of “an unusual increase in demand“, and a “lack of availability of alternative HRT products not produced by Janssen”.

Are HRT patches back in stock?

Conti and Sequi products relates to quality issues with the adhesive that keeps the patches attached to the skin. They said that the products are unlikely to be back in stock until 2020.

Are Evorel patches available now?

Evorel® Supply Update: October 2020

We have worked with multiple manufacturing partners to increase production capacity and ensure that Evorel® is readily available to every patient who needs it. We are now delighted to announce that the full Evorel® range is back in stock.

Where can I put my Evorel patch?

Many women choose to place the patch on the thighs or bottom, but you can also put it on your stomach. Evorel patches should not be used on or around the breasts or under elasticated parts of clothing (such as waistbands).

Why is HRT so hard to get?

Treatments have become increasingly difficult to obtain since the end of last year, when supply issues that started in China forced some manufacturers to stop producing HRT patches. This led to heightened demand for alternatives, which then became scarce too.

Is HRT patches better than tablets?

Skin patches may be a better option than tablets if you find it inconvenient to take a tablet every day. Using patches can also help avoid some side effects of HRT, such as indigestion, and unlike tablets, they do not increase your risk of blood clots.

Is FemSeven Conti back in stock?

FemSeven Conti is available now from Alliance Healthcare and the rest of the range is expected to be back in stock in “mid-2021”, it added. “We would like to thank both patients and prescribers for their continued patience,” Theramex said.

Are HRT patches better than gel?

Conclusions: We concluded that, in our environment, the use of 17-beta estradiol in gel presented fewer local skin reactions, was more effective in alleviating the symptoms of hypoestrogenism and had better acceptance in hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women, as compared with the 17-beta estradiol patch.

Where is the best place to put my HRT patch?

HRT patches should be applied below the waist on the buttocks or thighs. They should NOT be applied on or near the breasts. The frequency that they need to be changed depends on the individual brand of HRT.

Is 2 mg of estrogen too much?

The usual initial dosage range is 1 to 2 mg daily of estradiol adjusted as necessary to control presenting symptoms. The minimal effective dose for maintenance therapy should be determined by titration. Administration should be cyclic (e.g., 3 weeks on and 1 week off).

Is Evorel Sequi any good?

Evorel Sequi is an effective treatment for preventing severe menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, being described as “terrific” and “complete life savers”. Evorel Sequi patches are easy to apply and stay firmly in place until it’s time to change them without falling off.


Is Evorel made from yams?

What is a bioidentical hormone? Bioidentical hormones are extract from soy and yams. It is more accurate to describe these hormones as body identical rather that bioidentical as they resemble hormones produced within the body. Oestradiol, progesterone and testosterone are all available as body identical hormones.

Are HRT patches back in stock UK?

We are now delighted to announce that the full Evorel® range is back in stock. We would like to thank both patients and healthcare professionals for their patience as we stabilised the supply chain. In addition, we thank GPs across the UK for prescribing responsibly as we replenished the market. ‘

Does HRT change your face?

Coming back to the main question, of whether HRT changes your face, if you are undergoing HRT it is possible you may notice some facial changes. The main ones you may experience are increased skin thickness, elasticity, and hydration, along with the possibility of less wrinkles.

What are the signs of coming to the end of menopause?

The most common symptoms include:

  • Hot flashes. These cause you to feel a sudden rush of warmth in your face and upper body. …
  • Night sweats. Hot flashes during sleep can result in night sweats. …
  • Cold flashes. …
  • Vaginal changes. …
  • Emotional changes. …
  • Trouble sleeping.

Can you start HRT 10 years after menopause?

Women who begin hormone therapy at age 60 or older or more than 10 years from the onset of menopause are at greater risk of the above conditions. But if hormone therapy is started before the age of 60 or within 10 years of menopause, the benefits appear to outweigh the risks. Type of hormone therapy.

Is HRT safe 2020?

HRT can’t be described as safe or unsafe. Its effects vary depending on the types of hormone used, the form in which it is given (pills, or patches and gels), and the timing of first use (around menopause, or later).

Is there a HRT shortage?

Shortages of HRT are having a devastating impact on women pre and post menopausal reliant on this therapy, which is being heightened by the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak. Menopause might be a normal life event and something every woman will experience.

How do I know if HRT is right for me?

Signs you need hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Hot flashes. Night sweats. Vaginal dryness. Pain, itching, or burning during intercourse.

Do you have a period on Evorel Sequi patches?

You may get some bleeding and spotting like a period during this time. It is unlikely that you will have too much of the hormones in Evorel Sequi. The most common symptoms of having too much oestrogen or progestogen in your body are: Tender breasts.

Is it OK to cut HRT patches in half?

If you’re using patches, you can ask for a lower strength or simply cut the patch in half down the middle. If you wish to reduce your HRT even more slowly, taking a third or a quarter off your patch will work too. Pharmacists may tell you this makes the preparation unlicensed, but it works extremely well!

How does HRT make you feel?

Many women find that they feel calmer, have more energy, are more motivated and generally much happier when they take HRT. Some women also need to take the hormone testosterone which is usually given as a gel but can also be given as an implant.

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