Is The Word Potluck Hyphenated?


1a : the regular meal available to a guest for whom no special preparations have been made. b : a communal meal to which people bring food to share —usually used attributively a potluck supper. 2 : whatever is offered or available in given circumstances or at a given time.

Why are potlucks called potlucks?

The word pot-luck appears in the 16th century English work of Thomas Nashe, and used to mean “food provided for an unexpected or uninvited guest, the luck of the pot.” The modern execution of a “communal meal, where guests bring their own food,” most likely originated in the 1930s during the Depression.

What is the difference between potluck and Potlatch?

is that potluck is (dated) a meal, especially one offered to a guest, consisting of whatever is available while potlatch is a ceremony amongst certain native american peoples of the pacific northwest in which gifts are bestowed upon guests and personal property is destroyed in a show of wealth and generosity.

Who invented potlucks?

Potlucks, as Americans know them today, are believed to have originated in the 1860s, when Lutheran and Scandinavian settlers in the Minnesota prairies would gather to exchange different seeds and crops.

What is the theme of Potluck or Potlatch?

The first text we used was, “Potluck or Potlatch,” and we decided that the theme of this story was, true wealth comes from giving.

Is potluck a southern thing?

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What should you not bring to a potluck?

Ten Worst Items to Bring to a Potluck:

  • Rotel Dip & Chips. Easy to make and even easier to devour, this spicy “cheese” dip is made with melted Velveeta and spiced, diced canned tomatoes such as Rotel brand. …
  • Sex in a Pan. …
  • KFC & Krispy Kreme. …
  • Cold Canned Vegetables. …
  • Soyloaf. …
  • Carob Brownies. …
  • One Bottle of Wine. …
  • Macaroni Salad.

What are the best foods to bring to a potluck?

What to Bring to a Potluck

  1. Greek Potato Salad. bowl of greek potato salad. …
  2. Pasta Salad with Black Beans & Avocado Dressing. …
  3. Vegan Creamy Coleslaw. …
  4. Apple, Bacon and Sweet Potato Mini Casseroles. …
  5. Classic Lasagna. …
  6. Roasted Brussels Sprout & Butternut Squash Salad. …
  7. Banana, Raisin & Walnut Baked Oatmeal. …
  8. Spinach & Mushroom Quiche.

What do the British call potlucks?

I have a riddle for you: What do you call a potluck in the UK? Answer: Weird. Actually, the proper answer is more like ‘odd’ or ‘different’ or even to the culturally astute, ‘very American.

What is it called when everyone brings a dish?

The potluck or “bring-a-dish” dinner is a popular concept among my friends, and apparently a pretty big deal in the States. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a dinner party where everyone brings a course or dish.

What is potluck in Tagalog?

Translation for word Potluck in Tagalog is : patak-patak.

Is there a word for potluck in Spanish?

potluck party n. comida a la canasta loc nom f.


What does get to know mean?

to start to be familiar with someone or something. It took a while to get to know the city properly. Synonyms and related words. To become familiar with a new situation or way of living.

Does potluck come from Potlatch?

No. The words are similar but not actually related. Potluck is literally pot+luck. It comes from the European tradition of keeping leftover food warm in case you get unexpected guests.

Can you bring store-bought food to a potluck?

Potluck food should be plate-based. … If you don’t have time to cook, there’s a world of store-bought food that is acceptable to bring to a potluck. Cheese and crackers, a veggie tray from the produce section or a box of cookies from the in-house bakery are all good options.

What do you bring to a potluck in hot weather?

You have a party to get to.

  1. Sweet Corn and Roasted Jalapeno Hummus. …
  2. Blueberry Pie Bars. …
  3. Caprese Chopped Salad. …
  4. German Potato Salad. Helen Rosner / …
  5. Asian Watermelon Salad. …
  6. Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad. …
  7. Grilled Corn and Cheddar Quinoa. …
  8. Salted Dulce De Leche Bars.

Is it rude not to bring food to a potluck?

1. Bring a dish. The official definition of a potluck is “a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish,” not a meal or party to which bringing a dish is optional. … Offering to bring a dish or a bottle of wine to a dinner party is polite, and you should always do that, too.

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What is a potluck wedding?

For argument’s sake, a potluck wedding reception is one where the bride and groom provide the main portion of the meal and guests are asked to bring an appetizer, side dish, or snack instead of a gift. Focus on that. The dish is the gift. You can’t ask guests to bring a dish and also give you a gift.

What can I bring to a potluck at work?

Hot Food Ideas

  • Meatballs.
  • Cheesy Potatoes.
  • Warm Dips.
  • Ziti.
  • Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Baked Beans.
  • Lunch Meat Sliders.
  • Pulled Pork.

Is potluck a Native American?

If you were hungry, you would have the “luck of the pot”. Of course, this is not how the term is used today in the United States. For us, a potluck is a planned event in which all of the guests are expected to contribute a dish. This different application of the term is often attributed to Native American influence.

What culture does the word Potlatch come from?

The word “potlatch” means “to give” and comes from a trade jargon, Chinook, formerly used along the Pacific coast of Canada. Guests witnessing the event are given gifts. The more gifts given, the higher the status achieved by the potlatch host.

What is a shared lunch?

Students are invited to bring a plate of food to share with their class instead of their regular lunch. …