Is Stepchild Hyphenated?

Plural form of great-great-grandchild. Plural form of great great grandchild (alternative spelling of great-great-grandchildren).

Do you hyphenate great great?

Hyphenate great-grandfather, great-great-grandmother, etc. Use great grandfather if the meaning is that the grandfather was a great man.

Does step by step have hyphens?

When a compound adjective comes before a noun, hyphenate it: step-by-step instructions. If the adjectives follow the noun, do not hyphenate them: the instructions were step by step.

Does to date need a hyphen?

Is it up to date or up-to-date? Hyphenate as a compound modifier before a noun: We bring you the most up-to-date news. Otherwise, no hyphen: Stay up to date with Stylebook Online. My calendar is up to date.

What do you call a step by step process?


  • gradational,
  • gradual,
  • incremental,
  • phased,
  • piecemeal.

Is great grandmother two words?

Great-grandmother should be capitalized when it’s used as a proper name, as in Please tell Great-grandmother that I miss her. But great-grandmother does not need to be capitalized when it’s simply used as a way to refer to her, as in Please tell my great-grandmother that I miss her.

What do you call your great-great-grandmother?

In other families a great grandmother might be called “Nana” or “Ma” and so on.

How many generations is a great-great-grandfather?

Great-grandparents are three generations back from you in your family tree. They are third degree relatives, since they are the parents of your grandparents, who are second degree relatives.

What is the correct way to spell granddaughter?

“Granddaughter” is the only correct spelling for a female grandchild.

Is grandchildren one or two words?

noun, plural grand·chil·dren.

What is meaning of great granddaughter?

great-granddaughter in American English

(ˌɡreitˈɡrænˌdɔtər) noun. a granddaughter of one’s son or daughter.

Is stepchild all one word?

noun, plural step·child·ren.

What does stepchild mean?

1 : a child of one’s wife or husband by a former partner. 2 : one that fails to receive proper care or attention is no longer a stepchild in the family of nations— F. R. Smith.

Does Gigi mean great grandmother?

GG or Gigi, is a cool great grandmother nickname. It is a blessing to be a grandparent and great grandparent. Makes a great gift for GG for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Pregnancy Announcement or give to her at your baby shower.

What does Grandma stand for?

Grandma is an informal word for grandmother—the mother of a person’s parent. When a mother’s child has their own children, that mother becomes a grandma. The word ma is an informal way to say mother.

What is the definition of great grandfather?

A great-grandfather is the father of a person’s grandparent (the grandfather of a person’s parent). When a father’s child has their own children, that father becomes a grandfather. When those children have their own children, he becomes a great-grandfather.

What does each step mean?

Answer: Each step means that: a. Define objectives– Instruction begins with the definition of instructional objectives that consider the students’ needs, interest, and readiness. … Chose appropriate methods- On the basis of this objective, the teacher selects the appropriate teaching methods to be used.

What is meant by step by step directions?

phrase. If you do something step by step, you do it by progressing gradually from one stage to the next. I am not rushing things and I’m taking it step by step. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions. Synonyms: gradually, bit by bit, one step at a time, slowly but surely More Synonyms of step by step.

Is well designed hyphenated?

Here’s the rule: Hyphenate a compound adjective when it precedes the word it modifies. The engine was well designed. … *Note: Do not use a hyphen if one of the modifiers ends in ly.

Does at risk have a hyphen?

When used as a modifier before a noun, “at risk” is a compound adjective and should be hyphenated. When it is used after a noun, it is not hyphenated.

How do you spell to date?

Alternative spelling of to date. (idiomatic) Until now; until the present time. To date, they have sold only 500 copies of the book.

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