Is Class 9 Considered Hazmat?


not required for domestic transportation. A bulk packaging containing a Class 9 material must be marked with the appropriate ID number displayed on a Class 9 placard, an orange panel, or a white square-on-point display.

Do you have to placard limited quantity?

NOTE: LQ/DC and fully regulated DG are separately placarded, so you may need both an LQ and a regular DG placard on the vehicle. … Above this, you need an LQ placard on the vehicle. If there is more than 2,000 kg(L) of a single UN number, then you will need an LQ placard.


What is a Class 9 label?

Class 9 Dangerous Goods Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods are substances and articles which during transport present a danger or hazard not covered by other 8 classes.

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