Is AOS Still Canon?


WandaVision confirms that Agents of SHIELD, Runaways, and Cloak & Dagger are not MCU canon.

Is Agents of Shield Canon after Loki?

The studio’s latest Disney+ series features an extended sequence in which Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. … Either Mobius willingly chose to let Loki believe he’d permanently killed Coulson, or Marvel is offering further evidence it doesn’t consider Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. part of the MCU canon.

Will Marvel What If be canon?

Marvel’s upcoming show What If…? is officially made up of canon MCU stories, thanks to the newly-minted multiverse. … head writer AC Bradley made it very clear that, despite its animated style and anthology premise, everything in the show is being considered as canon.

Is Marvel’s What If connected?

What If…? is an American animated anthology series created by A.C. Bradley for the streaming service Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name. It is the fourth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) produced by Marvel Studios, and the studio’s first animated series.

Is Shang Chi MCU canon?

“Shang-Chi” is the 25th feature film in the MCU canon and the sixth title to arrive in Marvel’s “Phase 4,” a moniker denoting the start of a new, post-“Iron Man” era. … Like the origin story films “Black Panther” and “Captain Marvel,” the film marks a historic franchise first.

Is Ghost Rider an inhuman?

Powers and abilities. The Ghost Rider is a human who can transform into a skeletal superhuman wreathed in ethereal flame and given supernatural powers. … As Ghost Rider, he can cause his motorcycle to transform and surround itself with hellfire or he can create a new cycle from pure hellfire.

Is Loki show canon?

The Disney+ series Loki officially confirms that Kang planning the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3 Infinity Saga is now canon moving forward.

Is Clark Gregg in Loki?

Gregg voices a new version of Coulson in this Wednesday’s episode as another alternate version of events from the MCU films unfolds, this time bringing Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to Earth a lot sooner than when he arrived in The Avengers.

Are cloak and dagger lovers?

Cloak & Dagger are devoted to each other, but Dagger often wants more from life. While on an international case, Tandy performed with Eurocirque as Lady Light and shared a romance with a supposed stowaway on a drug boat. Eventually he was exposed as a criminal but ultimately sacrificed himself to save Dagger.

Is Phil Coulson alive?

Loki Confirms Phil Coulson Stayed Dead After Avengers In The Real MCU Timeline. In Marvel’s Loki, Phil Coulson’s death is mentioned and referenced, but not his resurrection and resulting career seen in ABC’s Agents of Shield. … And ultimately, Coulson dies a few years later, being replaced by an LMD.

Is WandaVision canon to the MCU?

Ever since Marvel Studios took over the production of its TV shows, fans have had questions about canon. Glover appeared in both Shazam and Agent Carter, but Gunn said he was not going to include “pre-WandaVision” shows. …

What happened to the Darkhold?

The Darkhold was used by Morgan le Fay in an attempt to bring the Dark Dimension to Earth. She was eventually stopped by the Runaways and PRIDE members, who used the book’s spell to imprison her in the Dark Dimension.


What happened to Peggy Carter after Agent Carter?

She died peacefully in her sleep in 2016. After discovering a method to travel through time in 2023, Rogers returned to the 1940s, creating an alternate timeline where he married Carter and grew old with her.

Is Marvel’s Iron Fist canon?

Iron Fist has the benefit of sharing a canon with fan-favorites from the Netflix universe like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. But despite the surrounding pieces, it is considered a bust when it comes to Marvel television.

How old is Loki in canon?

10 How Old Is Loki Really In The Marvel Canon? Loki’s age is hard to pinpoint given his status as a deity and a Frost Giant. In the MCU, it is confirmed that Loki was 1,054 years old when he was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

What is Loki’s gender?

In 2014’s Loki: Agent of Asgard comic, the titular character is referred to with “my son, and my daughter, and my child who is both,” by Odin himself. This tells us all that we need to know to uncover the truth behind Loki’s identity. He’s gender-fluid, and this is completely canon within the Marvel universe.

Is Loki Canon to MCU?

Loki has wrapped up on Disney Plus and saying it changed the game in the MCU would be putting things mildly.

Can Ghost Rider beat Thanos?

After being imbued with the Power Cosmic, the Cosmic Ghost Rider became a servant to Thanos. But it was all in an effort to defeat Thanos. When Castle finally got the chance to kill Thanos, he did it in his own peculiar style.

What are Ghost Riders weaknesses?

With that said, the Ghost Rider does have a weakness. Any weapon crafted in Heaven itself or blessed by a holy source can mutilate the Spirit of Vengeance. There is also the fact that the host can be separated from the Spirit, which means that the Rider will remain dormant until another host is found.

Is Keanu Reeves Ghost Rider?

A stunning concept design features Keanu Reeves with the iconic leather biker jacket as the MCU’s Ghost Rider. Since the MCU is focusing on mysticism through WandaVision, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and seemingly even Spider-Man 3, it’d be great to see Ghost Rider return to live-action.

Did Shang-Chi get snapped?

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” Confirmed Lil Nas X Survived the Thanos Snap. The intel we needed. … Not everyone was destroyed during the Snap, though, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings reveals that one very important musician made it out alive.

Is Shang-Chi banned in China?

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” does not have a release date in China, which could be detrimental to its global box-office haul. It is the first Marvel movie that has not been approved by the Chinese government for distribution in the country.

How strong will Shang-Chi be?

Physical Strength

Shang-Chi possesses the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise, Shang can lift at least twice his body weight, or 350 lbs. Through his use of chi however, Shang can temporarily increase his physical strength to an unknown amount.