How Long Is Du Toitskloof Pass?


The Huguenot Tunnel is a toll tunnel near Cape Town, South Africa.

Where is the longest tunnel in South Africa?

Did you know the longest road tunnel in South Africa is the Huguenot Tunnel near Cape Town, at an incredible 3.9km? And it’s the first toll road.

How do I pay a toll gate?

Payment methods like:

  1. Bank credit cards (Master, Visa, fleet cards, petrol cards, etc.)
  2. Toll authority issued cards.
  3. Cash.
  4. Electronic toll collection (transponders)
  5. Contact or contactless smart cards.
  6. Cards for users exempt from payment.

Which is the longest tunnel in Africa?

The longest railway tunnel in Africa, sits on 30km of track through the Hex River Mountains in the Western Cape. The tunnel forms part of a series of four tunnels that total 16.8km. On this track there are also three passing loops and a road-over-rail-bridge.

What are the 5 longest tunnels in the world?

10 Longest Tunnels in the World

  • Gotthard Base Tunnel. Currently the longest and most expensive rail tunnel in the world, the Gotthard Base Tunnel opened for service on 11 Dec. …
  • Seikan Tunnel. …
  • Channel Tunnel. …
  • New Guanjiao Tunnel. …
  • Guadarrama Tunnel. …
  • Laerdal Tunnel. …
  • SMART Tunnel. …
  • Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel.

What is the longest tunnel in the world?

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the world’s longest and deepest tunnel. It runs under the Swiss alps between the towns of Erstfeld in the north and Bodio in the south. The tunnel is 57 km long and reaches a depth of 2,300 meters.

Which is the longest road in South Africa?

The N2 is a national route in South Africa that runs from Cape Town through Gqeberha, East London, Mthatha and Durban to Ermelo. It is the main highway along the Indian Ocean coast of the country. Its current length of 2,255 kilometres (1,401 mi) makes it the longest numbered route in South Africa.

Why is it called the Huguenot Tunnel?

The pass is named after Francois Du Toit, a French Waldesian, who with the Huguenots arrived as refugees in the Western Cape, fleeing religious persecution in their own country.

When was the South Africa’s Huguenot Tunnel completed?

Built by a group of enthusiastic and creative Italian Prisoners of War who were sent to South Africa during the second World War, the Pass was finally completed in 1948.

When was the South African Huguenot Tunnel completed?

By 1965 the capacity of the pass became inadequate and planning of a new route was undertaken, which resulted in the present tunnel, opened on 18 March 1988 by President P W Botha and now known as the Huguenot Tunnel.


How much did the Huguenot tunnel cost?

The tunnel cost R202-million to build, and the added costs of improvements to road infrastructure on its eastern side inflated this figure to R500-million. Half a million cubic metres of rock was excavated in the building of the tunnel.

Where is the tunnel in Western Cape?

The first one is in du Toits Kloof pass near the northern end of the drive through the mountains to Worcester. This tunnel is about a 100 years old and is still used daily by road users in the pass.

Has anyone died in the Channel tunnel?

At the height of construction, 13,000 people were employed. Ten workers – eight of them British – were killed building the tunnel.

What is the longest tunnel underwater?

With its track located 140m below the seabed, the Seikan tunnel is the world’s deepest and longest railway tunnel. Approximately 23.3km of the tunnel lies under the seabed, making it the world’s longest undersea tunnel. Conceptual planning of the Seikan tunnel was completed during 1939-40.

What is world’s longest road?

Spanning some 19,000 miles, the Pan-American Highway is the longest roadway in the world. Starting in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the road moves south, passing through Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

Which is the biggest tunnel in India?

Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel, Jammu & Kashmir

This is the longest railway tunnel in the country, measuring 11215 m (11.215 km). Also known as the T-80, Pir Pranjal runs through the heart of the Himalayas and is set at an altitude of 36795 ft.

Where is world largest road tunnel is located?

lærdalstunnelen. At 24.5 kilometres, the Lærdal tunnel is the world’s longest road tunnel. The road links Aurland and Lærdal, in the heart of Sogn, and provides a ferry-free connection between Oslo and Bergen.

Does South Africa have underground tunnels?

South Africa itself holds many mysteries and secrets in its hidden tunnels – especially in Cape Town – and around the world there are hundreds of tunnel networks ready to be explored by those who won’t miss the sun and fresh air too much…

How long is the longest road tunnel in the world?

At 24.5 km (15.23 miles) long, the Lærdal Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world, meaning it’s the longest tunnel that you can drive through.

Is the Huguenot Tunnel closed today?

The Huguenot Tunnel will be closed to ALL TRAFFIC between 22:00 and 6:00 Mondays to Thursdays.