How Dangerous Are Convertibles?


Superior noise control – Road noise is less prominent in a hard top convertible than in its soft top equivalent. Better climate control, especially in winter – Hard tops hold heat better than soft tops, providing a warmer ride in cooler weather.

Are hard tops safer than soft tops?

Hardtop Jeeps provide more protection in the event of wrecks and rolls. Soft tops are safe with the addition of roll bars, but hardtops are still less likely to crush or break. They provide more durability. On that note, because of their durability, they don’t have to be replaced as often as soft tops do.

Are hardtop convertibles more expensive to insure?

Insurance is higher on convertibles. Convertible car insurance rates average at $206/mo, which is 30 percent higher than the standard rate for a hard-top sedan. You can lower your convertible car insurance costs with a defensive driving course and by shopping around online for auto insurance quotes.

Are convertibles expensive to maintain?

Repair costs: Convertibles come with several additional components that can push up the cost of repairs, making them more expensive to insure. … Easier to steal: Insurers also consider theft rates when determining a premium, and convertibles are often easier to steal than a hard top.

Why are convertibles so expensive?

1.) Convertibles Not Only Cost More To Buy, They Cost More To Insure. Convertibles are generally more expensive to purchase, mainly because these cars include additional moving parts to operate the convertible top.

What’s better hardtop or soft top?

Advantages of a Hardtop

Durability: Hardtops are clearly the more durable option. They’re solid and can withstand significant damage that would normally tear through a soft top. That means they’ll last longer overall, so you won’t have to deal with as much maintenance.

Is a hardtop convertible safer than a soft top?

Go Hardtop

Especially if your search involves older models, having a solid roof over your head could be a safer choice. Yes, both models may feature roll bars behind the front passenger seats, but that added level of security and safety can’t hurt.

How long do soft top convertibles last?

A properly maintained convertible top lasts an average of 5-7 years. 2. Never put a convertible top down when the temperature is below 60 degrees.

Why are convertibles bad?

Convertibles lose key structural elements, so they add more weight to make up for it. You see how crooked this Cadillac’s door is because the chassis moves? They don’t succeed in terms of rigidity, and the negative effect on performance is essentially doubled.

Are convertibles hard to maintain?

Exposing the car interior to the hot summer sun takes its toll, and the same is true of convertible interiors. Seats, dashboards and other surfaces may become sun damaged and cracked over time, though proper maintenance can slow the process.

Do convertibles break easily?

Even though the convertible fabric is highly durable, if someone were to puncture it with a sharp object, they could cause significant damage and gain access to any valuables stored inside your vehicle. Another disadvantage is greater wind and road noise.

Are convertibles worth buying?

A convertible could be a good idea when you are trying to maneuver and park in a particularly tight space or if you’ve parked a garage where there isn’t enough room to open the doors to get out. For most people though, buying a convertible is more about them being cool and having a lot of fun when the weather is nice.


What happens if a convertible flips?

If a convertible flips over, you’re done for. Rollovers are not common in convertibles, because they tend to have fairly low centers of gravity. But rollovers can happen.

Can you go through a carwash with a convertible?

Most Convertibles Are Car-Wash-Friendly

No limitations. Every car is quality-checked to ensure water-tightness … the top frame is very rigid to be able to handle going up and down at up to 31 mph, so a car wash brush is no issue.”

Are soft top convertibles good in the winter?

You should also be careful when using a soft top. Cold weather causes the vinyl or fabric to shrink a bit, so if you try to put the top up before letting it defrost, then it will rip. You want to clear off the top of your car as soon as you can, most convertible tops aren’t rated to handle a lot of weight.

Does a convertible need to be garaged?

The most important part of storing a convertible is to put the top up. … Although a garage is ideal, convertibles can also be stored outside. In this case, you need to really consider a water-resistant yet breathable cover, one that is thicker for cars parked outside and a proper, snug fit.

How reliable are convertible tops?

The good news is that convertibles have never been better. Nowadays, many convertibles have average or better reliability, according to CR’s surveys. The bad news is that waning popularity means there aren’t as many models to choose from as before.

What’s the difference between Cabriolet and convertible?

Cabriolet is the French word for a convertible. In the United States, cars that offer the open-top design are called convertibles. … So a cabriolet and a convertible are basically the same. They both have a roof that can fold down and have four seats, even though they might have just two doors.

Do Mustangs convertibles hold their value?

A Ford Mustang will depreciate 38% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $22,518. The iconic Ford Mustang does a great job at holding its value, and ranks in the top 25% of popular models at both years 5 and 7.

Are convertible cars more to insure?

Insurance companies do not penalise soft-top owners specifically, unless a particular model is prone to theft. “In many cases, a convertible car may cost less to insure than a regular vehicle,” said a spokesman for Admiral insurance.

What is the cheapest convertible car?

Here are the 10 most affordable new convertibles this year.

  • Audi A5: $50,400.
  • BMW Z4: $49,700.
  • BMW 2 Series: $41,850.
  • Ford Mustang: $32,655.
  • Chevrolet Camaro: $32,495.
  • Jeep Wrangler: $28,315.
  • Mini Convertible: $27,400.
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata: $26,830.

Can u drive a convertible in the winter?

Climate. Some drivers in northern climates reject convertible cars because they can’t be used during the winter. But that’s no longer the case. One reason is several convertibles — including the Audi A5 and Infiniti G37 — now offer all-wheel drive, which makes them usable all winter long.

Are Mustang convertibles more expensive?

In terms of cash, this means buying a used Mustang Convertible is, on average, $3,997 more expensive than last year. A used Camaro, on the other hand, is on average $4,455 more costly than last year.

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