Can You Swim On St Simons Island?


Whether a peaceful sunrise walk, a sunny afternoon building sandcastles, or stargazing at nighttime, St. Simons’ beaches are a must-see. Gould’s Inlet is a favorite for spotting unique coastal wildlife. The East Beach is a favorite, and all of the island’s beaches are pet-friendly.

Is St Simons beach crowded?

Rain is relatively common. Wind in St Simons Island is usually calm, but spring is the windiest season on the island, especially in May. Spring is the second busiest for tourism, meaning that businesses and attractions are very accessible and open, but crowds are not at their peak.

How long is the beach at St Simons Island?

Simons Island, the iconic Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, the unspoiled seven-mile beach of Little St. Simons Island and many more beaches to be discovered.

Do you have to pay to get on St. Simons Island?

Access to St. Simons Island is via the F. J. Torras Causeway. Parking on the Island is free and public, except where posted by local businesses and private properties.

Is it safe to go to St. Simons Island?

St. Simons Island is in the 2nd percentile for safety, meaning 98% of cities are safer and 2% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to St. Simons Island’s proper boundaries only.

Do you need a car on St Simons Island?

Unless you are planning to take a side trip, we recommend using a car service for transport to and from the airport being you won’t need a vehicle during your visit to Little St. Simons Island. Most of our guests use Seaside Transport (912) 638-2638.

What is the prettiest beach in Georgia?

11 Best Beaches in Georgia

  • North Beach, Tybee Island.
  • Sea Island Beach Club, Sea Island.
  • Cumberland Island National Seashore.
  • Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island.
  • Main Beach, Little St. Simons Island.
  • East Beach, St. Simons Island.
  • Glory Beach, Jekyll Island.
  • St. Andrews Beach, Jekyll Island.

Which is better Tybee island or Jekyll island?

Jekyll is a quieter island with an older population. I find that Tybee police are only strict if they have a reason to be. They can be very helpful and especially to tourists. They tend to give the tourists the benefit of the doubt but feel like the locals “should know better”.

Is St Simons nice?

St Simons Island was recently voted the number one favorite beach town by Travel and Leisure. … Simons isn’t a contrived vacation destination, it’s a small town with a rich history and year round residents who welcome visitors with great dining, good shopping, history, adventure, and — the beach.

Can you drink alcohol on St Simons Island?

Here’s the beach information you need to know:

Parking and fishing are both free at Massingale, and drinking is allowed. The second beach on the St. Simons Island is the Coast Guard Station Beach, which also has a bathhouse and showers, as well as on-duty lifeguards and permitted drinking.

Why are there so many jellyfish on St Simons Island?

What causes this? For more than a mile, cannonball jellyfish cluttered the shore in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. Jellyfish tend to travel in groups, called blooms, and sometimes rough winds, swells and currents send them to shore at once. Cooler water temperatures also contribute to mass jellyfish deaths.

Is the water at St Simons Island clear?

While the beach was clean, the water is not very clear here. There doesn’t appear to be an offshore break so the waves bring all sorts of sand and debris onto land.


What beach has the clearest water in Georgia?

You can’t really picture clear, pristine water. And yet, there is one spot that comes to mind—a pure natural wonder for the state. Heralded long ago as one of the most popular swimming holes in Georgia, Blue Hole Falls in Towns County easily tops our list for the clearest, most pristine water in Georgia.

Are there any white sand beaches in Georgia?

Georgia boasts some of America’s best beaches. Nearly 100 miles of soft white sand cover its Atlantic Ocean shoreline while other pristine strands flank the state’s sparkling lakes.

Is Tybee Island Expensive?

Tybee Island ranks as the No. 6 most expensive destination for travelers in the United States this spring, according to the latest survey from … In Tybee Island, the easternmost point in Georgia, visitors will have to spend an average of $184 a night for the least expensive double room.

Which is better Jekyll Island or St Simons?

The beaches on Jekyll are superior to St Simons. Now, St Simons has more to offer in the way of restaurants, shops, a village and a sense of a community, not just a resort area. East Beach is their best beach and is alot smaller than Jekyll.

Who owns Little St Simons Island?

One of Georgia’s most fragile and significant natural locations – Little St. Simons Island – will be protected in perpetuity – as in forever. The island is owned by Henry “Hank” Paulson Jr., the former U.S. Treasury Secretary and the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, along with his wife, Wendy.

Are dogs allowed on the beach at St Simons Island?

Rules. Dogs are prohibited on the beach from 16th St. … During allowable times and in non-summer months, dogs are allowed on any portion of the beach but must be within close proximity and under the immediate control of the owner/handler. If handler is unable to control pet via voice-command, a 10′ leash is required.

Are there alligators on St Simons Island?

Capt. Chris Ridley says it’s not uncommon to see alligators at the beach on St. Simons Island and that they have about one incident a summer. Alligators live in marshes, he says, that empty into the ocean and alligators are able to swim south toward the beaches.

Are there snakes on St Simons Island?

Snakes. Scarlet Snakes are the only snake species on Little St. Simons Island that is considered nocturnal, which is usually the only time they are observed moving on the surface of the soil or substrate.

Are there sharks at St Simons?

On the Georgia coast, sharks happen.

One of the most common shark species caught in the area is the sharpnose shark. They are a year-round resident of St. Simons’ beaches and estuaries. These are fun fish to catch for people of all ages due to their minimal size.

Is St Simons expensive?

Simons is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means St. Simons, Georgia is more expensive.

Is St Simons Island expensive to visit?

A vacation to Saint Simons for one week usually costs around $987 for one person. So, a trip to Saint Simons for two people costs around $1,974 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs $3,948 in Saint Simons.