01/24 2016

WordPress Development Company in Baltana, Zirakpur, Punjab, Chandigarh

WordPress Development

WordPress Development Company in Baltana, Zirakpur Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Dera Bassi

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the Internet. This tool is open source, which is commonly used for blogging and posting content and is based on PHP and MySQL. The reasons for its widespread use is that WordPress is easy to use and comes with pre-defined themes and plugins that can be customized. This allows the site to be up and running in no time. Other useful features include the ability to prevent spam, protect your blog from hackers and spammer.

Advantages of WordPress CMS:

Individual Domain Name: WordPress allows you to configure your own domain name instead of using the subdomain name.
Easy to use: The software comes with a built-in panel and numerous pre-designed templates, themes, instruments and devices, which makes it very easy to switch to create a page quickly.

SEO friendly: WordPress is search engine friendly and are designed so that each update the blog once pinged to the several search engines. There are different plugins are available that help in increasing the coverage of the blog.

Free to use: The software is available for download and use for free. Add to that the ease of use and maintenance, and makes it a very affordable option.

Easy to Transfer: WordPress can easily transfer to any other hosting if you want.

Daily Backup: WordPress also allows your site to take daily, weekly, monthly backup regularly, so you won’t loose your data in any way.

WordPress is one of the software with open source code, which we specialize. We can provide the customer with WordPress design and integration of services tailor-made to meet the needs of business. Through the integration of an easy to use interface and search more aware of your blog site with multiple WordPress customization services and design themes, we can create a WordPress site that, meets your requirements for branding.

Our team of WordPress developers have experience in the following aspects:

  • Setting up and implementation of WordPress
  • WordPress development
  • Creating a WordPress Theme
  • Creating a WordPress Plugin
  • Providing the best WordPress Hosting
  • Configuring WordPress
  • WordPress backup solutions
  • 24/7 Support